Best Coffee for Cold Brew

A Complete Guide to the 5 Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

    Life is too short to drink coffee bought from the grocery store! The best coffee beans for cold brew come from artisan roasters. Luckily, we can buy some of the leading brands online.

    To save you some time, I checked out 5 great types of coffee beans that are perfect for cold brews. These coffee roasters know exactly where their coffee beans are sourced, and how they're roasted. That way, you know exactly which journey your beans have been through to get to your cup!

    Summary of my findings:

    Product 1

    The Chosen Bean: Cold Brew

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Milk chocolate notes, sweetness, underlying cherry notes.

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    Product 2

    Cold Brew Lab: Ground Organic Coffee

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground


    Flavor & Taste

    Balanced, bold, slightly sweet

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    Unique Coffee Roaster: Cold Brew Organic Coffee

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Chocolate notes, strong and flavorful

    Availability & Price

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    Product 4

    Wild Cold Brew Coffee: Brew-at-home

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Ground packs, available in pouches

    Flavor & Taste

    Rich and earthy, with dark chocolate undertones

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    Product 5

    Stone Street: Cold Brew Coffee

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Bold coffee flavor, slightly sweet, well-balanced

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    Some questions may arise inside you !!

    Q: What is cold brew coffee?

    A:Not all coffee has to be hot! Cold brew coffee is made at room temperature or in the fridge to keep it cool. The beans should be left to steep for at least 12 hours. It has become more mainstream in the U.S. in the last few years. It is usually more mellow and less acidic than hot brew. Never confuse cold brew and iced coffee. They are actually different!

    Q: How to make cold brew coffee for the best results?

    A:It is best to make cold brew coffee using coarse grinds. You can buy the beans ground already, or do it yourself for maximum freshness. Allow it to steep for a while. The steep time depends on your taste preferences.

    Use cold filtered water and the French Press method. You can add ice cubes, milk or sugar if you wish. Easy!

    Q: Where can you buy cold brew coffee online?

    A:I always say - avoid the supermarkets if you want the best coffee! Coffee for cold brew should be developed especially by expert artisan coffee companies. You can buy these online and I find Amazon to be an awesome spot.

    To reduce your stress, we've reviewed 5 of the best available on Amazon for you to buy at affordable prices.

    Read full reviews:

    Product 1: The Chosen Bean: Cold Brew

    The Chosen Bean is a coffee company that has been roasting coffee beans for over a decade. The venture started in a man's backyard and grew from there. Now, the company is on a mission to find unique flavors from coffee growers around the globe.

    They produced this cold brew coffee after testing more than a dozen blends and single origins. The hard work paid off, because now we get to enjoy this smooth, delicious cold brew coffee. The best cold brew coffee brands understand the importance of getting every element just right.

    After trying a cup of this cold brew, I could see why it's so popular. Based on taste alone, this really could be the world's "chosen bean"

    Cold brew coffee

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    Available in whole bean for maximum freshness and taste, I recommend always grinding coffee beans yourself. It may take some extra time, but it's always worth it!

    The coffee beans come from single origin farms across Guatemala and Ethiopia, from 100% Arabica coffee beans. So, what does this mean for the taste? Well, Guatemala and Ethiopia are two countries that can produce some of the finest coffee beans you've ever tasted! You can be sure of an exciting flavor profile with chocolate and floral tones.

    According to Lavazza, Arabica coffee beans make up over 2/3 of the world's coffee production. They contain more sugar and less caffeine. This combination makes them the sweeter, lighter option.

    The Chosen Bean selected every bean in the pack based on over 14 important variances. They took into account each bean's size, flavor and taste to ensure perfection with every sip.

    Roast level & flavors

    Moshe, the founder of The Chosen Bean, personally hand-roasts every batch.He takes great care to roast batches to a medium-dark roast, without ever burning. Moshe uses an air roaster and a process that guarantees a smooth finish every time.

    From source to bag, The Chosen Bean takes the necessary steps to create flavors and aromas for your cold brew coffee. I tasted delicate milk chocolate notes and the sweetness of Arabica beans shining through. Underlying notes of cherry give the cup a tropical edge.

    The chocolate flavors and roast level make this a great early-morning cup with a kick.

    Nutrition & health profile

    A stand-out feature is that these beans are certified Kosher, so you can brew and drink the beans for Passover.The beans are low in acidity because of its rather dark roasting type.

    A typical cup size (8oz.) of 100% Arabica coffee contains around 200mg of caffeine.

    Order The Chosen Bean cold brew coffee beans

    You can choose to buy these beans as whole beans or ground beans. Though I recommend buying whole beans, if you don't have the time, these are some of the best coffee grounds for cold brew.The extra coarse grind is specially designed for cold brew.

    The double-layered packaging insulates and retains freshness of the coffee. It uses a one-way degassing valve to prevent oxygen and other contaminants from getting to the beans. This keeps the coffee fresher for longer.

    Select from coarse grind or whole beans to have the coffee shipped to your door. These affordable packages are available in sizes of 2Lb or 5LB. (Choose the larger bag - I can't get enough of this coffee!)Shipping is free and usually happens on the same day of your order.

    For the best taste, I brewed these beans for around 16 hours. They are best used with a French Press method to retain that smooth flavor. I found that an extra coarse grind makes them ideal for cold brew.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    Smooth, velvety and indulgent flavors. Very aromatic and unique taste notes. The skills of Master Roaster, Moshe, are clear to see. Well-balanced and full of excellent flavors.

    For maximum taste, it's best to brew this coffee for a long time. 16 hours should be the minimum time you soak the beans for. Of course, preferred flavor depends on each person. Try experimenting to find out your favorite.

    Created and ground to be perfect for cold brew. That said, I also enjoyed this as a hot brewed coffee. Very versatile!

    If you don't use the right grind size, or you're letting it steep for too long, it can taste bitter.

    Product 2: Cold Brew Lab Ground Organic Coffee

    Cold Brew Lab company was developed in New York City - the city that never sleeps. The company roasts their beans and creates their successful coffee products in the heart of NYC. The Founder of Cold Brew Lab, Rachel Gutierrez, is dedicated to creating great coffee for coffee lovers.

    The company uses tried-and-tested methods to create the perfect cold brew coffee beans. Using clever sourcing, roasting and blending for a slow brew extraction.The methods have to be precise, to lead to the best coffee beans for cold brew.

    I always sing the praises of buying whole bean coffee. However, the extra coarse grind used means brewing at home can produce tasty, smooth coffee. The artisan coffee roasters at Cold Brew Lab sure know what they're doing when it comes to roasting coffee.

    cold brew coffee

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    Cold Brew Lab specializes in custom crafting for cold brewing. These beans are made from 100% Arabica Colombian coffee. What's so great about Colombian coffee? Colombia has the 3rd highest production of coffee beans. The country is a haven for growing premium beans.

    Colombian coffee beans grow in ideal conditions for a well-balanced flavor. You can expect a caramel-like sweetness with nutty undertones. This cold brew type offers a rich aroma with hints of cocoa. Imagine waking up to that treat every morning!

    With 100% Arabica beans, you get all the flavor with less caffeine. They're also loaded with antioxidants and are super good for you, so treat yourself to one coffee every day!

    Roast level & flavors

    These beans are bold and dark. They are a blend of medium and dark roasts for a unique roast level I haven't experienced with many cold blends. The careful roasting process ensures a smooth, bold cup that is bursting with flavors. The flavor is so sweet, I didn't need to add any sugar.

    Dark roast coffee is not for the faint-hearted, but everyone should try this one. The beans are almost black in color, or of a chocolate hue. Dark roasts give a smoky, decadent taste. This one gets the balance just right, with a well-rounded and full-bodied flavor profile.

    Aromas are rich and flavors are strong, created to perfectly complement a cold brew. These beans are low in acidity, slightly sweet and extra smooth. Despite the dark roast, I didn't notice any bitterness to my cup. I loved it, and I think you will, too.

    Nutrition & health profile

    When you buy these beans, you're buying organic, specialty-grade coffee. Organic coffee is grown without the use of synthetic ingredients or additives. They are more environmentally-friendly and demand better working conditions for growers. That means you can enjoy these beans without any guilt at all!

    Specialty-grade coffee promises a superior taste. This label shows that Cold Brew Lab is able to trace the beans at every stage of the process. From growing to roasting, they guarantee quality and fair trades.

    Order Cold Brew Lab organic coffee beans

    Cold Brew Lab specializes in cold brew coffee. That's how you know you're getting a fantastic cup when you purchase beans from this leading NYC company.

    The packaging has a modern, brightly-colored design. It will look great in home kitchens and cool coffee shops alike! Opt for the gift wrap option and send the beans to a lucky friend or family member.

    These affordable beans are available in an extra coarse grind or as whole beans. If you have the time, go for whole beans. However, Cold Brew Lab are the experts. They have taken measures to keep your coffee fresh.

    My top tip is to brew a large batch and save it in the fridge. That's the beauty of cold brew! It will stay fresh for up to one week and save you time.

    For best results, use a ratio of 4:1 water and coffee. Choose your favorite brewing method. French Press and strain method both work well for this grind.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    This is a superior cold brew without the bitterness that you expect from some brands. Instantly attractive aroma and great smooth flavor make this coffee so enjoyable.

    I got through a 1LB bag quickly. It would be great if the company provided larger packages, so I don't have to keep ordering more!

    The beans are organic. Friendly on the environment and on the workers farming the beans.

    Takes over 24 hours to fully steep, though this does depend on your personal taste.

    The flavors are versatile and I loved them as part of a Vietnamese iced coffee creation.

    Product 3: Unique Coffee Roasters: Cold Brew Organic Coffee

    Unique Coffee Roasters are proud of their skilled artisan roasters, that carry out processes in New York City. Their 25 years' experience shines through in the quality of their products. Now, you can pour that love and passion into your cup at home.

    cold brew coffee

    The company selects the best beans for cold brew from some of the most ideal growing countries. Places of origin include Central and South America, Africa, Jamaica, Hawaii and Asia.All of these areas are praised for their coffee-growing conditions and wonderful flavors.

    Unique Coffee Roasters are true to their name. They use unique roasting methods that reach levels of art, not just science. With every cup, you'll experience quality, taste and fantastic aromas that grew from the dedication of this brand.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    These single-origin 100% Arabica beans come from Guatemala. This area produces luxurious flavored coffee beans, with hints of nuts, chocolate,and toffee. Guatemala introduced Fair Trade to the coffee industry in 1988, so farmers get fairer wages for their work.

    For the coffee purists out there, you will love the single-origin of this cold brew coffee. With single-origin coffee, you know exactly where your beans come from. There's plenty of information out there about soil, altitude and climate conditions. All factors go into the flavor of your cup.

    Farmers hand-pick these beans and allow them to naturally dry in the sun.

    Roast level & flavor

    Unique Coffee Roasters do things a little differently to others. Their advanced roasting technique uses flames that never actually touch the beans. Instead, the heat roasts them in a closed cylinder. That way, each bean keeps its character and doesn't burn or char. This ensures you reach maximum potential with every brew.

    The experts roast this coffee at a lighter roast, then blend it with a slightly darker roast batch. As a result, the roast intensity is light and sweet. I enjoyed the outcome hugely!A full and flavorful cup, with chocolate notes and a syrupy texture. The aftertaste is a little nutty.

    The light roasting level also ensures that each bean retains its flavor profile. Unique Coffee Roasters refer to their roasting level as 3/7.The result?An aromatic cup that is definitely not burnt.

    Nutrition & health profile

    What attracted me first about these beans are their Fair Trade, organic status. The Fair Trade movement looks after small-holder coffee farmers. It's a way to ensure they're receiving a fair wage and working in acceptable conditions. Coffee production depends on so many factors, like climate and disease. So, when production is low, farmers have to be sure they can still afford to survive.

    Organic coffee has less synthetic additives, like pesticides and fertilizers. This could make this coffee a little healthier, as it's more natural than other varieties. The best coffee beans for cold brew are organic. Not only do they taste great, they're better for the environment, too.

    The combined flavors of these beans make them ideal for a range of coffee types. For a healthier cup, just add water. For a more luxurious drink, add milk and sugar. Drink at room temperature or with ice cubes for an iced coffee.

    Order cold brew organic coffee from Unique Coffee Roasters

    The coffee company roasts beans on the day they send them. That way, you receive coffee that's as fresh as can be. They also use a nitrogen flushing method to preserve freshness. This is a completely safe method. It works by forcing most of the oxygen out of the packaging to stop degradation of the beans.

    Gift wrap is available, so you can send these beans as a gift for that special coffee lover in your life!

    Buy coffee beans in 1 LB packages and choose between the whole bean and coarse grind. Whole bean coffee is great for those with the time to grind their own beans. This way, you can keep your coffee even fresher. However, the coarse grind works well with French Press or drip coffee method.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    This is a good-tasting coffee at a very affordable price.  I found that it made a great cold brew coffee, for everyday drinking.

    If Unique Coffee Roasters supplied these beans in bigger bags, I would certainly buy them! It would save ordering so many batches and also save on shipping costs.

    This coffee is available at a similar price to those you'd buy at a grocery store. The difference is, they are roasted to a perfect level and are much fresher than supermarket brands.

    Product 4: Brew-at-home Wild Coffee Pouch

    cold brew coffee

    Wild Foods markets their brew-at-home cold brew coffee as being "so easy a monkey can brew it". This one is a little different to the others. So, if you're a beginner coffee brewer, listen up!

    Wild Foods is all about creating products that don't harm the planet. They're on a mission to change the food and beverage industry for the better. They are passionate about their ingredients and their products. You won't find toxic chemicals or inconsiderate packaging in their products.

    They call it "fighting the good fight". They only sell products they would use themselves. They know where your coffee came from and the journey it went through to get to you. If you're environmentally-conscious and love an easy way to brew coffee, this is the one for you.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    Wild Brew Coffee Lumberjack blend comes in the form of pouches. It's a system I'd never tried before, but it was as easy as the company promised! Simply add cold water to a pitcher and seep the pouch in the water for 24 hours, in your fridge. It's then ready to drink when you are.

    Because of the confined method, you cannot drink this coffee hot. But that's okay because I'm on a mission to find the best coffee for cold brew!

    This is an organic blend of both medium and dark roasted coffee beans. Beans are certified organic 100% Arabica. They originate in Indonesia, Sumatra and Central America. Indonesia is a world leader in coffee production. The earth harvests quality coffee beans with a tropical hint.

    The pouches are the easiest way to create smooth-tasting coffee right at home. Cool off during the summer months with iced coffee that tastes like a top barista made it!

    Roast level & flavors

    This blend of medium and dark roasts makes a unique flavor. It is rich and earthy, with dark chocolate and nutty undertones. A decadent taste, especially with such an easy brewing method. Wild Coffee grinds beans and roasts on the day of your order. You can rest assured that the beans are not sitting around for days and going stale.

    The roasting method is light enough to maintain aromas and natural oils of the coffee beans.

    The Lumberjack blend is the signature blend, but there are others available too. If you prefer a lighter roast, try the Peru blend. For a medium roast with a floral finish, the Sidamo blend could be the best one for you.

    Nutrition & health profile

    Wild Brew Coffee sells only organic, Fair Trade coffee, which they roast in Austin, Texas. This is expected from a brand that is dedicated to a fairer food trade. They are looking after the earth and the farmers involved in growing the coffee beans.

    Organic coffees don't use chemical-laden pesticides, so experts believe they are the healthier option.

    They use "Grade 1" premium Arabica beans. This is the highest quality coffee that money can buy. It has no primary defects and uses only the ripest cherries.

    Order Wild Brew Coffee

    When you order Wild Brew Coffee, the company grinds and roasts the beans on the day of your order. This keeps them fresher and maintains the flavor you expect. The brand also promises that the beans will not arrive dried-out or stale. This can sometimes be the case with mass-produced coffee beans.

    This is your chance to do your bit for the planet, too. The natural packaging of the pouches can be composted, so you don't waste materials. One pouch makes around 6.5 cups of cold brew. You can brew an entire batch and leave it in the fridge for up to one week. (I even left it in there for up to 2 weeks and it still tasted good!)

    Wild Brew Coffee is so confident that you'll love this brew-at-home cold brew that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can get an instant refund. What have you got to lose?

    What we liked

    What could be better

    This was such an easy way to brew coffee! There's no need to buy grinders or fancy brewing equipment. This could save you lots of money if you're an amateur at-home coffee brewer.

    The recommended brew time of 24 hours made coffee that was a little weak for me. Try brewing for longer if you prefer a stronger coffee taste.

    I loved the company's ethical values. They stay true to their promise of giving back to farmers and the earth. They also try to educate customers on Fair Trade products and use responsible packaging.

    The paper bag used to brew the coffee can go weak and tear when soaking overnight. Be careful not to make a mess!

    A surprisingly great tasting cold brew coffee. There was no fuss with packaging like I was used to with other pods or K-cups.

    Product 5: Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew

    Stone Street is an NYC artisanal coffee company, creating coffee for New Yorkers (and the rest of us!) They roast their beans in Brooklyn and promise to bring freshness and quality to every product.

    By roasting in small batches, Stone Street have better control over freshness. They control the roast profile with every batch to ensure consistency in taste every time. Though they are committed to roasting in small batches, they have a plant that can produce high quantities of coffee. This makes them a popular choice for coffee shops.

    cold brew coffee

    Their cool, simple packaging looks great on my kitchen counter and would also blend well in a modern NYC coffee shop. Extra points to Stone Street, too. They partner with Sweet Unity to improve the economic position and quality of life for rural farmers.

    What do you need to know about these coffee beans?

    This is the first dark roasted coffee on our list. Stone Street Coffee went bold with this one and created whole bean single-origin Colombian Supremocoffee. These beans were artfully crafted to make a delicious cold brew. Through special attention to the bean's quality and origin, grind size and roast level, this product was born.

    Colombian coffee is of a truly superior quality. The region's climate makes a very well-balanced coffee that is enjoyed worldwide. Some of the world's finest coffees come from Colombia, so I was excited to taste this one!

    Stone Street provided the beans for me to easily create a smooth cold brew at home. It was almost like being transported to the trendy coffee shops around Brooklyn.

    Roast level& flavors

    This smooth coffee is low in acidity. It didn't taste bitter or watery, as home cold brews often can. Typically, Colombian coffee boasts a strong caramel sweetness. There are some nutty undertones, a lovely, sweet aroma and hints of cocoa.

    Now, a dark roast can sometimes burn off some of the natural flavors of the beans. However, the experts have been able to maintain the sweetness in this bag. They use specific roasting methods to ensure they don't lose the potential of any bean.

    The company has spent years perfecting this roasting technique. From what I can taste, the hard work paid off.

    Supremo Colombian coffee is the highest possible grade. These large beans are of such great quality that their flavor profile remains intact. After testing, Stone Street believes that a dark roast is the best for cold brew or iced coffee.

    Nutrition & health profile

    This 100% Colombian Supremo coffee is gluten-free. So, those on a gluten-free diet can be sure there are no traces of gluten in these beans. Like most coffee, it is also full of antioxidants. Make a cup of coffee a part of your daily balanced diet for some much-needed vitamins.

    The bags are filled by a machine, so it's a hands-free process. That means your coffee beans don't come into contact with latex gloves during processing.

    There are no clues as to whether this is Fair Trade Coffee. However, Stone Street does work with Sweet Unity, which works towards a fairer trade. Stone Street makes a conscious effort to keep coffee farmers in a living wage and good living conditions. It is not certified organic, though the company does sell other organic coffee.

    This is Kosher coffee. It's prepared within the requirements of Jewish law. This refers to both the planting and sowing of coffee cherries.

    Order Stone Street cold brew

    This coffee is available in 2 LB bags. The packaging is 3-layer Natural Kraft + Foil large bag. This also comprises a 1-way de-gassing valve to maintain aroma and freshness. The valve works by pushing out lots of the oxygen, to avoid it making the beans stale.

    So, your coffee can arrive as fresh as possible, just how we like it!

    I used the French Press method to brew my cold brew. It worked well with a ratio of 4:1 water and coffee. The mason jar method would work pretty well, too. Leave the beans to steep in water in your fridge for at least 24 hours. If you like your coffee strong, just extend this time.

    My tip: this coffee is tasty when it's hot, too. Use a French Press or pour-over method, when you need warming up in the winter! If you don't have the time to grind yourself, this is available in a coarse grind.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    As soon as I opened the package, I was hit by a beautiful bold aroma! It had mouth-watering chocolate tones and I couldn't wait to brew a cup. It was more flavorful than any coffee I've bought at a grocery store.

    It wasn't the most memorable coffee on the list, in terms of flavor. I decided to steep the beans for longer. After leaving them in the fridge for 48 hours, I enjoyed a rich, full taste.

    This was great as a cold brew, hot brew, mocha, straight black and with milk and sugar! One of the most versatile coffees, I believe.

    The Bottom Line

    Phew! There's nothing I like better than experimenting with new types of coffee beans! What a great month I've had, filled with new aromas and flavors. What I love most about these coffee beans is that I can brew them right at home. Who needs a fancy coffee shop?

    So, what was my favorite, you ask? Great question! In terms of flavor, I loved The Chosen Bean (product 1). It was so indulgent and unique, and you can literally taste the expertise of their master roasters. It also came as a whole bean, so I could grind them myself to my heart's content.

    I was most surprised by Wild Coffee brew-at-home coffee pouches. I was skeptical, at first - it all seemed a little too easy! However, it tasted great and was environmentally-conscious too.

    Now, it's time for you to give them a go! I suggest starting with product 5 and working your way to the first one. Save "The Chosen Bean" till last. Don't forget to let me know what you thought. Happy brewing!

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