About Us

Coffee feature was formed through a group of friends who have passion for coffee. We have earnest eager to exchange our ideas with others.

We are like a family. If you love coffee, you can be a member of this family. No matter whether you have great expertise or have very little knowledge on it. If you like it, you are invited to join to this site. We expect others to write here about their coffee related opinion and verdict.

Many people around us don’t want to spend heaps time to figuring out the best type of coffee for them. They can collect precise and important information over here.

Writing on coffee is not like other products, as different people have different taste. Based on collected data, we try to help you sense what it is like to consume a particular type before you actually purchase.

We will help you to identify most significant factors that should influence your decision while buying the best coffee type or other related products. Under any circumstance, we don’t belong to any company. As mentioned above all contents are either from our personal experience and collected data or the consumers who are passionate about sharing their experience. Sometime you might see our information create contradicts the consensus of coffee world, especially we might disagree on perfect tasty coffee. If so then we expect your comments or post in our comments or in posts sections respectively.

Our only aim is to create one stop destination to help you choose the right products at best price. If you think this is helpful for you, we hope your recommendation for us to your friends and family.