What You’ve Wanted to Know: Are Flavored Coffee Beans Bad for You?

    are flavored coffee beans bad for you

    When you want to add a little pizzazz to your cup of joe, you might think about turning to flavored coffee beans. Caramel, mint, pumpkin and more…what’s not to love! One thing that puts people off more variety is the worry: are flavored coffee beans bad for you?

    Don’t worry, because we’re going to clear things up for you! Read on to discover if flavored coffee is safe to add to your diet.

    Is flavored coffee made with low-quality beans?

    Coffee connoisseurs naturally wonder about where their beans come from. How is flavored coffee made?Is it from cheap, low-quality beans or can we expect high standards?

    People assume that some coffee brands flavor their beans to mask the bad taste. In my opinion, this is only the case sometimes! You can control which beans you buy, so I advise doing your research and only buying from a company you know or trust. Feel free to check online reviews to help.

    Here are some things that indicate good-quality beans:

    • The packaging says they are 100% Arabica hand-picked beans
    • They are from locations such as Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Ethiopia and Yemen
    • The packaging is well-sealed
    • They are roasted just how you like them

    Are the beans made with dangerous chemicals?

    The best flavored coffee beans are bursting with taste. But does that mean we have to drink unwanted chemicals, in order to achieve that taste?

    Some companies that make flavored coffee beans use chemicals such as propylene glycol. Sounds scary, right? If you’re worried about drinking these chemicals each morning, I’m here to put your mind at ease.

    Remember that in order for any food and drink goods to be imported into the United States, they have to pass a test. This is to ensure consumers are safe. While chemicals may be necessary to add a flavor that lasts, manufacturers are only allowed to add safe quantities.

    So, you might read articles about propylene glycol being dangerous because it’s used in things like antifreeze and cosmetics. However, it’s added to food and drinks in quantities that are safe for human consumption. Check the label of your coffee beans before you drink, and you’ll be able to see exactly what’s in there.

    Is there added sugar/calories in flavored coffee?

    The main questions people ask me when they want to know about flavored coffee beans, is around sugar and calories. Have you been asking yourself does flavored coffee have sugar, too?

    The good news is, you probably don’t need to worry! Coffee companies add natural or synthetic oils to their coffee beans, in order to give them the flavors you love. These oils or compounds come from things like vanilla, cocoa beans, nuts and berries. The flavor compounds are added after the roasting process.

    In short, if you’re drinking flavored coffee beans, you’re probably okay! To keep sugar and calories to a minimum avoid adding cream, milk and sugar. Black coffee is always the healthiest option.

    On the other hand, your coffee flavors could come from a syrup. When you order from a coffee shop, they will often add the taste you want from a huge bottle of syrup. This does contain extra sugar and calories!

    In fact, two pumps of flavored syrup from coffee shops contains around 40 calories and 17 grams of sugar. This varies depending on how large your cup of joe is. If you don’t have flavored coffee beans available and have to rely on syrup, try to limit how much you add to your beverage.

    Am I actually consuming less calories in the long-run?

    The average American consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar every day. This is much higher than the recommended amount. It got me thinking; does drinking flavored coffee lead to a lower sugar consumption?

    Hear me out. The idea is that drinking flavored coffee beans could actually satisfy our sugar cravings. That means less candy, donuts, and chocolate! When you’re in an afternoon slump at work and need a little energy or sweetness to get you through, why not reach for the kettle instead of the vending machine?

    Some flavors that go with coffee are some of our favorite go-to sweet tastes. From caramel to chocolate and French vanilla, sipping on a cup could stop you reaching for a decadent, unhealthy treat.

    Are flavored coffee beans stale?

    One reason people consider flavored coffee beans to be of lower quality is their age. Freshness is one of the main reasons your cup tastes so good! With flavored beans, manufacturers are able to use older versions, because the artificial flavoring ensures they still taste good.

    So, does that mean you’re actually drinking stale coffee?

    Not at all! Whole beans can be stored for up to nine months and still be good to drink. Instant coffee lasts as long as twenty years. Can you believe it?! Of course, the fresher they are, the better they’ll be.

    My advice to keeping your coffee at its peak is to store it properly. Choose whole beans rather than ground coffee because they just taste better. Store it in an airtight container in a place that’s cool, dry and dark. If any moisture gets in, you can guarantee it’s going to ruin your bag of beans forever!

    The bottom line

    So, let’s finally answer the question: are flavored coffee beans bad for you?

    My short response to that would be that it depends! Flavored coffee beans themselves are not bad for you in the sense that they don’t contain extra sugar and calories. They also don’t have dangerous chemicals.

    As long as you don’t consume them in mass quantities, you’re okay! You can happily enjoy the variety of tastes available to add some interest to your daily cup. An added bonus? You may be able to satisfy your sugar cravings and cut down on other unhealthy treats!

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