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The Best Espresso Beans For A Great Coffee Flavor

    Sometimes we need a strong hit of coffee to get us through that day-time slump. Espresso is the answer. I took on the mission to find the best espresso beans, so you know where to get superior tasting coffee.

    Espresso beans have to be perfect. They are not masked with sugar, milk or anything else. They're not even watered down. It's pure, straight coffee - so flavor and aroma.

    Let's take a look at 5 of the most popular brands on Amazon and see what's good, and not so good, about them all.

    Summary of my findings:

    Product 1

    Koffee Cartel: El Capo Blend

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Rich taste, with deep chocolate, nuts,and floral notes

    Availability & Price

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    Product 2

    Lavazza: Espresso Decaffeinato

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground


    Flavor & Taste

    Full bodied with a sweet and fruity flavor

    Availability & Price

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    Blue Horse: 100% Kona Coffee

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Bittersweet chocolate and caramel flavor

    Availability & Price

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    Product 4

    Verena Street: Shot Tower Espresso

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Sweet and creamy, with a rich body

    Availability & Price

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    Product 5

    Jo Coffee: Coffee Perfected

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Heavy, dark chocolate flavor

    Availability & Price

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    Some questions may arise inside you !!

    Q: What is espresso?

    A: It is a type of coffee drink. You brew espresso by forcing water through the coffee beans. This Italian drink is a concentrated form of coffee.

    It should be served in small, demitasse cups. As just one or two shots of coffee and nothing else, a good espresso has a velvety crema on top.

    Q: Is espresso stronger than coffee?

    A:The strength of coffee depends on the volume or amount of shots you choose. However, espresso has a higher concentration of caffeine than a cup of coffee. It also tastes stronger, because it isn't diluted by anything.

    A 2 oz double shot of espresso contains around 80 mg of coffee. This is roughly the same as an 8 oz cup of brewed coffee. The espresso will sure have a stronger coffee flavor.

    Q: Where to buy espresso beans?

    A:Buy espresso beans online. Amazon is a great place to start. I like Amazon because you can see genuine reviews from other coffee lovers. Buy them as whole beans and grind them yourself.

    Supermarket coffees often don't have the same quality as small, artisan roasters. Experiment with different brands and find your favorite.

    Read full reviews:

    Product 1: Koffee Cartel: El Capo Blend

    Koffee Cartel

    Koffee Cartel is a Florida-based company that specializes in sourcing the finest quality beans from premium producers around the globe. It is their belief that drinking coffee is one of life's best pleasures. For that reason, they spend their days bringing the best coffee products to enhance their customers' experience.

    They use only single-origin, 100% Arabica coffee beans. For that quality guarantee, they hand-pick and sun-dry all batches.They also mechanically wash their coffee. Washed coffee results in a clean flavor profile for a mild, bright brew.

    Koffee Cartel believes in giving back to communities. It allocates a percentage of every sale to a charitable foundation. The funds go towards bringing health services and clean water to El Salvador. So, by buying espresso beans from Koffee Cartel, you're also helping out people in a country in need.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    This is an El Capo blend dark roast, whole bean coffee. Every care has been taken to ensure these beans reach you in top condition. It's down to you to buy them in their whole bean state to maintain that taste and freshness!

    So, what does Koffee Cartel do to uphold such a great reputation in the industry? First of all, they freshly roast their beans upon order. During blind taste tests with some of the leading brands, Koffee Cartel regularly came out on top. They were chosen in 9/10 tests, beating coffee from Costa Rica, Colombia,and Brazil.

    This one, in particular, comes straight from El Salvador coffee. Beans from here grow on slopes and valleys. It is smooth-tasting with beautiful, fresh aromas. Why not try a blind taste test with your friends? ... Let us know how it goes!

    They fresh-roast coffee in micro-batches.That's the best way to ensure premium quality and enhance the crop-to-cup experience.

    Koffee Cartel also works directly with the coffee plantations to oversee all parts of the process. This is the only way to ensure the best espresso coffee beans are growing. They work closely with growers in El Salvador and hand-select the best coffee beans.

    Roast level, processes & flavors

    This coffee comes from the high peaks of the jungles in El Salvador, at elevations of 1500m.Humid weather conditions and volcanic soil give it its flavor profile.

    Before taking a sip, I was greeted by a rich, indulgent aroma. The cup provides a rich experience with notes of dark chocolate, nuts and floral. The body was powerfully heavy and the roast level provided some smoky aromas.

    This is roasted to a dark roast. A pretty bold move, but it's one that pays off for this brand. Dark roast coffee can lead to a burnt or charred taste. I didn't experience this. I just noticed a well-complemented roast level with high-quality beans. The result is a rich, bold darkness.

    Koffee Cartel calls this coffee "addictive" and after just one cup, I can see why!

    Nutrition & health profile

    • Full of antioxidants, just like all coffee beans
    • Perfect for espresso, which means there's no need for fattening milk or sugar
    • A1.50 typical cup of espresso contains around 212 mg of caffeine
    • Dark roast beans are easy on the stomach. Because they have more ashes in the content, they are easily dissolved in water.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    The instant aroma signified freshness and good quality of the beans. The taste was bold and rich, and the coffee was smooth. There were no citrus notes or bitterness in these beans, as often noted in some espressos.

    The taste didn't have that "oomph" that a dark roast usually has! It was a little weaker than expected. However, this is down to taste, and many people prefer that quality.

    The meticulous crop-to-cup process was clear. Beans are hand-picked in ideal growing conditions. Every care is taken to maintain their quality and natural flavor.

    The bag was not re-sealable. I had to transfer the beans into another container to keep them fresh. I re-ordered the beans more recently and noticed that the company had switched to zip-lock bags.

    The price was fair. It is rather similar to the cost of other gourmet coffees. The espresso didn't require a creamer or any other addition. It tasted that great alone.

    Order Koffee Cartel whole bean coffee

    I recommend buying this dark roast as a whole bean variety. For your convenience, it is also available pre-ground. This is available in bag sizes of 1lb and 2lb. Gift wrap is available - this is a perfect unique gift for your favorite coffee lover!

    Always store the beans in a bag until you're ready to grind them, for freshness. They should be in a cool, dry location - not the fridge or freezer!

    For the best-tasting espresso, grind to a fine grind. Brew it in a French Press or drip method.

    Product 2: Lavazza: Espresso Decaffeinato

    Lavazza is the brand that even the most inexperienced of coffee drinkers knows. There's no escaping it. It's served in coffee shops all over America and the world.

    The company says they "build" their quality, not just control it. Through taking care every day with every product, it's a process that involves every employee. The company uses innovative methods and staff that love what they do. That's what they attribute their success to.

    Lavazza began with Luigi Lavazza. He bought the world's most modern roasting plant and invented a new form of packaging. The result?A better quality of coffee that customers could store for longer.

    The company conducts ongoing research to continue this reputation of excellence. Technicians control every stage of the production process, to maintain quality up until the cup. It starts from selecting batches and roasting and goes through to training baristas and designing espresso systems.

    Lazza has been passed down 4 generations in a family. They are dedicated to finding the world's best coffee blends and best beans for espresso.

    The Lavazza story began way back in 1895! That makes it one of America's oldest and most established coffee brands. What I wanted to know, was this: does experience always equal quality? Let's find out.

    Lavazza - Espresso Decaffeinato

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    A large part of the USA chooses convenience when it comes to coffee beans. This 8 ounce can is filled with pre-ground beans. It's the ultimate in convenience. The beans are 100% Arabica for quality and a balanced taste. They're also naturally decaffeinated.

    The beans are blended and roasted in Italy. Italy is famed for its espresso, so I was pretty excited about trying this cup! Espresso means "made to order" and the Italians sure know how to get it right. The extraction process is crucial, but Lavazza coffee is designed for great results even at home.

    All you need is a domestic espresso coffee maker. The four basic elements - coffee, water, pressure,and temperature - can produce a perfect result.

    Although the grounds are designed for espressos, you can use them in any coffee maker.They would work well in a French press, Moka pot or drip coffee maker. For this research, I made espresso, because I'm trying to find the best espresso beans!

    Roast level, processes & flavors

    These beans come from Central America. It is a blend of Arabica varieties that are carefully selected to make an enjoyable taste.

    The beans are then roasted to a medium roast to maintain their natural aroma and flavor. My espresso was beautifully aromatic. It was sweet, but not sickly, with hints of fruit in every sip. The taste is soft and balanced, great for morning or noon!

    Lavazza uses long roasting cycles for its espresso beans. This is to improve machine performance, including a quick extraction and high pressure. The result is a well-blended espresso with a fine crema and a golden color.

    And, one of the best things about this coffee? It's caffeine-free, so you can drink it at any time of the day!

    Nutrition & health profile

    • The stand-out characteristic of this coffee is its decaf status. While so many people drink coffee for its energy buzz, it's a good idea to cut out caffeine from time-to-time.Decaf coffee helps to lower risk of diabetes and protects the liver. There is also a lower chance of developing a caffeine addiction.
    • Decaf coffee has 99% of its caffeine removed. It's not completely free of caffeine, so be sure to remember that and don't drink too much!
    • These beans are proudly non-GMO. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. This means this product is not created in a lab and hasn't been engineered by scientists. Non-GMO products are highly in demand in the USA right now.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    It's a decaf coffee, so there is less risk than with beans that have full caffeine content. This can be a great choice for those that suffer from migraines or insomnia.

    Despite being a superior pre-ground variety, I always prefer the whole bean. However, if you're in a rush, this is a leading pre-ground coffee and is perfect for espresso.

    This is an attractive price for a genuinely Italian coffee. I like diverting from my usual American-style coffee beans sometimes! It provides a rich flavor and excellent crema. This almost matches up to barista-made coffee.

    Order Lavazza Espresso Decaffeinato

    Ready to try espresso the Italian way?You can buy these 8-ounce cans in a pack of 4 at a great price! If you drink one cup a day, one can should last two weeks or longer.

    The beans are freshly packed and designed to last a long time. In fact, a can of these beans can stay fresh for as long as 15 months!

    The beans are already ground, so that saves you some effort and some time. They are quite a fine grind.The fine grind is designed to speed up the extraction process and allow maximum flavor to seep into the water. That's why you'll notice an espresso that's full of flavor.

    Even basic espresso machines can produce a quality-tasting coffee with Lavazza ground beans.

    Product 3: Blue Horse: 100% Kona Coffee

    Blue Horse is a small coffee company based in Pennsylvania. It derives each and every coffee bean from Kona, Hawaii.

    The brand is a single estate coffee company. This means that the beans only come from their estate. They know exactly where and how their coffee beans are harvested. Other Kona coffee often comes from all over the Kona belt.

    This product, however, comes from a family-run farm. Some of the trees on their farm are as old as 120 years!

    As a result, the beans grow at a range of different altitudes. You can usually notice the taste when beans are grown at a consistent altitude, like these ones. This promises a consistent flavor every time.

    Let's take an imaginary trip to Hawaii and see why Kona beans are some of the best coffee beans for espresso.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    Blue Horse: 100% Kona Coffee

    This is pure, 100% Kona coffee. There are no blends in this bag, so if you want to truly know what Kona beans taste like, this is it!

    It is completely free of herbicides and pesticides. Blue Horse can verify this because they oversee the growing of their coffee beans. The product is tested and certified by the state of Hawaii.In fact, Hawaii is the only part of the United States that grows coffee.

    But what makes it so popular?

    • It has an excellent climate with the perfect mix of sun and rain
    • Soil is volcanic and fertile, and altitude is high
    • Kona coffee is harvested from traditional Arabica 'Kona typical' trees
    • It is grown sustainably from Kona coffee family farmers

    Coffee from Kona is limited, which often means paying a premium price. Coffee farmers in Hawaii receive a higher pay than those in traditional coffee-growing countries. That said - it's worth the money! You receive a high-quality coffee without risking buying from a farm with unfair conditions.

    Roast level, processes & flavor

    Usually, Kona coffee gets roasted at a medium roast. So, I was surprised to find that this product is at a dark roast. The medium roast preserves as much of the natural flavor as possible. This dark roast gives the coffee a richer flavor. If you like dark chocolate and caramel notes, this is for you.

    You can buy Kona coffee from Blue Horse at a medium roast, too, if you prefer. However, in my opinion, the dark and rich taste is perfect for espresso. It gives that powerful hit you often want.

    It's important to bear in mind that this is still a lighter roast than the "dark roasts" from other countries.

    The company grows this coffee in the shade. This makes them sweeter and less acidic than sun-grown coffee. Farmers hand-pick only the ripe, red coffee cherries at just the right time.

    Afterward, they use a wet-processing method. They sun-dry the beans. While this means that production takes longer, it also increases the aroma. So you'll experience an espresso that's full of scent and flavor.

    Nutrition & health profile

    • These coffee beans are not certified organic, but they are free of pesticides and herbicides.
    • The coffee is not tested for gluten, though most coffees are considered gluten-free.
    • A typical serving of espresso contains 212mg of caffeine. It's a much higher concentrate than a regular cup of coffee.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    The rich, bold flavor has so much more 'oomph' than many other varieties. The roast is dark, but not too dark. It manages to retain the natural flavors that the climate causes. I loved the aroma and the taste. I can't get enough!

    This is less of a criticism but more of a comment. The price is higher than you may be used to. But you should treat yourself every once in a while! This is top grade, premium coffee from one of the most sought-after growing regions.

    The flavor is so great that if you drink espresso or black coffee, you don't need to mask it. Forget sugar, cream or anything else. Drink this straight up and you will be satisfied.

    The packaging is similar for dark and medium roasts. Just be sure you double-check so you order the right one!

    The packaging has a cool design and is well-designed for freshness.

    Order Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee

    Order a bag of 100% Kona coffee straight from Hawaii. You might find it's a higher price than coffee from other areas. But, quality and fair trade are rarely ever cheap!

    When these beans arrived at my door, I was thrilled. They came in a re-sealable zip lock bag that had a one-way degassing valve. This kept the aroma totally fresh. Once I unlocked the bag, it filled my kitchen. You can imagine how divine this smelled once I pulled an espresso.

    Before the coffee goes into the bags, it is flushed with nitrogen. This is completely safe and keeps it fresher. This is helped by the multi-layer bag laminated bag, which stops any oxygen reaching the beans.

    These beans are not developed for espressos only. You can use them in all types of coffee, using your favorite brewing method. It's fresh enough to bloom for pour-over methods. As they come in whole beans, you can grind to your preferred grind size.

    In my opinion, the rich taste is ideal for espressos, so give it a go!

    Product 4: Verena Street: Shot Tower Espresso

    Verena Street: Shot Tower Espresso

    VerenaStreet  Coffee was developed by 2 cousins. They named their product after the street they grew up in, in Dubuque, Iowa. It's bursting with nostalgia and reflects the small-town beginnings of this brand.

    Verena Street now craft roasts its coffee beans in small batches in Iowa. "What is craft roasted?", you may wondering.

    It is roasting beans in small batches to a specific level, to enhance the overall flavor of the coffee.The experts at Verena Street select the roast level that emphasizes the flavor of the bean. This maintains natural characteristics and aromas, too. You may even notice the difference!

    This brand is part of the movement of specialty coffee. Specialty coffee was developed in protest against mass-produced, cost-effective coffees. It must be graded to ensure it meets a certain set of criteria. Criteria include bean size, consistency,and uniformity.

    The specialty coffee market is on the rise as consumers in America improve a taste for better quality versions.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    Though Verena Street has a huge range of coffee for sale, I want to talk about the Shot Tower Espresso.

    These beans are sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. These farms protect farmers, wildlife,and the environment.

    After sourcing, they are freshly roasted and packaged in Iowa. The company is still a family-run business. Though they never ventured far from Iowa, they've gained international status! People around the world enjoy this dark roast espresso.

    The coffee is a carefully-selected blend. By creating blends, Verena Street are able to develop unique flavors you don't get with single-origin coffee. They mix beans of different roasts and origins. You get to enjoy that new flavor quality you may never have tried before.

    Roast level, processes & flavors

    This coffee comes from sustainably-grown sources. The company is responsible, and careful to use only methods that support farmers' well-being. The sourcing methods also care for wildlife, soil,and waterways.

    Verena Street Coffee guarantees freshness by only holding a limited amount of product in their warehouse. There are no coffee beans sitting for a long time and going stale here!

    These beans are 100% Arabica, which can be higher in acidity than other types. However, the dark roast gets rid of some of this acidity.

    They roast these beans to a delicately dark roast. The taste and aroma are full-bodied and it has a sweet, creamy complexity. The coffee beans are sharp yet very smooth in character. They make the perfect espresso because of the velvety crema you're left with.

    The aftertaste is rich and quite more-ish. It's well-balanced with low levels of bitterness. The only question is - will one bag be enough!?

    Nutrition & health profile

    • This product is Kosher. It is certified by the Orthodox Union, the most trusted and recognized kosher certification in the world. It is prepared in accordance with Jewish law.
    • The package holds the Rainforest Alliance Certified sticker. You can enjoy them in the knowledge that farmers and the environment are protected.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    This has the full, complex flavor I expect from a dark roast. The crema is rich and velvety, making for a satisfying espresso.

    This is sold at a higher price than some other coffee beans of a similar quality. However, I think this is justified because of the responsible farming by this company.

    It offers a truly unique flavor that isn't generic or similar to anything else I've tried. This is down to the carefully thought-out blends. The roasters are clearly experts and understand how to roast each type of coffee bean.

    The flavor isn't for everyone. It's a strong taste with some bitterness. It's a love or hate type of coffee!

    Order Verena Street: Shot Tower Espresso

    Purchase this coffee as a whole bean and grind it yourself. It's a long process, but it's worth it. You get to play around with grind size and discover what works best for you. Pre-ground beans can be okay, but often even the best ground espresso beans aren't as good as whole beans.

    I recommend making this as a fine grind espresso. Fine grinds work best in an espresso machine. This is because espresso machines use pressure to brew the coffee. An extra fine grind won't get through, and a coarse grind will gush through too much.

    Try these beans as a drip coffee, too. I enjoyed it this way - let me know what you thought!

    If you love these and you want to try a variety from this company, give the other flavors a go. The "Cow Tipper" has vanilla and caramel flavoring. You can also try their "Julia's Breakfast" blend which comes at a medium roast.

    Product 5: Jo Coffee: Coffee Perfected

    Jo Coffee is a certified organic coffee brand that originally started on Amazon. It began to satisfy the growing demand for lovers of high-quality coffee. From there, its popularity surged through the United States.

    It is now one of the highest rated coffee brands on Amazon.

    Jo Coffee is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It's also a part of the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA.

    Jo Coffee: Coffee Perfected

    They produce coffee in their small artisan roastery. All orders are roasted and shipped on demand, to maintain the freshness we all love!

    The founder of Jo Coffee is Kevin Kapaun. He discovered his passion for coffee through Jamaica in the early 1980's. Once he had tasted Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, he had a vision to import exclusive coffee beans from around the world.

    What do you need to know about these coffee beans?

    This is a medium-dark roast bag of whole beans. Jo Coffee roasts all their products using the world's top 2% of Arabica beans.They achieve this through direct sourcing and a dedicated team of cupping experts.

    The aim is perfection in every bag. By achieving this, Jo Coffee may just reach the status of best espresso coffee brand.

    These beans are pretty oily and are great for an espresso. Like all beans labeled as "espresso", they are not confined to this one drink. Enjoy them as a long black, cappuccino, or however you like your coffee!

    There's no way of knowing the country of origin of these beans, unfortunately. They are a blend of 4 coffees to create a distinct, unique product.We know the beans come from parts of Central America, South America,and Africa. Make an espresso with this coffee to taste the full range of flavor.

    Roast level, processes & flavors

    Before Jo Coffee purchases beans, they must pass an expert analysis and cupping test. This is carried out by their team of expert coffee tasters. Through experimenting with new blends and flavor profiles, they can add new types of coffee to their selection.

    This product has notes of heavy dark chocolate. This is a natural flavor, and Jo Coffee makes it clear that they don't add artificial flavorings.

    I enjoyed a smooth, balanced and aromatic coffee. As well as the dark chocolate taste, there were hints of caramel that give it a tasty sweetness.

    Jo Espresso has a medium acidity. This is well-balanced with the body and tasting notes of the drink.This level of acidity leaves a lively, tangy sensation on the tongue. It isn't overpowering but adds to the complexity of the coffee profile.

    Nutrition & health profile

    • Jo Coffee are conscious about their reputation. These beans are certified Fair Trade. They are making a difference by promoting fair farming and trade conditions.By selling coffee at a fair price and ensuring farmers get the cut they deserve, they're helping to combat poverty.
    • The beans are USDA certified organic. Approved methods are used to produce the coffee. Organic processes protect natural resources and conserve biodiversity.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    This is an overall satisfying coffee. It has a great, velvety crema and low bitterness. These features make it a great all-rounder. Even fussy coffee drinkers will probably enjoy it.

    The exact origin of the bean remains to be disclosed. I like to know where my coffee is coming from, so I can understand its profile more. We have the general area of origin, but some more information would be good.

    This espresso came out high-quality even when using cheap espresso machines. It has a bold, smooth flavor that is hard to get wrong. I couldn't complain about the price, either.

    The roast level is a little light for espressos, in my opinion. Like all coffee and wine, this is a personal preference.

    Order Jo Coffee Espresso

    You can purchase this coffee as whole beans only.Jo Coffee chooses not to sell pre-ground beans on Amazon at the moment. This is because they know that everyone likes a different grind, and different brew methods require specific grind levels.

    That's how you can get the best results to suit your taste.

    The company supplies Amazon with fresh beans every 1-2 weeks. They send the whole beans to Amazon on the day of roasting, too.This is so that we, as consumers, get to experience coffee that's as fresh as possible.

    The beans are suitable for all brewing methods. You could use a French Press, drip method or of course, an espresso machine. Let me know which is your favorite method!

    The Bottom Line

    All of these beans are designed to be drunk as an espresso. But, have you ever eaten coffee beans? This is an increasingly popular way to consume coffee in the states! Perhaps soon, I'll do a deep-dive into the best chocolate covered espresso beans to snack on.

    For now, let me decide on my favorite espresso in this list. My personal number 1 choice is the Blue Horse Kona Coffee. Yes - I may have expensive taste, but this coffee was perfect! Kona coffee has a world-wide great reputation for a reason.

    This coffee was bursting with flavor and was completely fresh. I struggled to find a criticism! Try them all out and let me know which you prefer. Does price really represent quality, or did you like some of the lower-priced espresso beans?

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