Buy the Best Fair Trade Coffee for a Brighter Future

    fair trade coffee

    Coffee is a product that's in huge demand all over the world. It is second only to oil as the largest international commodity. With such high pressure on the coffee industry, it can be easy to cut corners.

    Retailers and consumers want to buy their coffee at cheap rates so they can increase profit. However, cutting costs can have dramatic effects on farmers, the land and more. That's where Fair Trade comes in. Buying the best Fair Trade coffee allows you to do your piece to ensure coffee is traded more fairly.

    What is Fair Trade Coffee?

    Fair Trade USA was founded in 1998. It is a non-profit organization that was set up to support organic farming. It comes up with ways to promote sustainable living for farmers and for the environment.

    Without this support, workers are often exposed to dangerous working conditions. Sometimes, children are forced to work for below minimum wage. Chemical fertilizers can also have bad impacts on the health of the farmers. They don't receive fair pay. In short, those that are working the hardest are receiving the least benefits.

    So, what is Fair Trade coffee doing to help the situation? The coffee industry is huge. Many of us refuse to get out of bed without switching on the espresso machine. Despite this need, lots of farmers don't get paid enough. In fact, around 25 million small coffee shareholders are still struggling to survive on their income.

    Fair Trade can offer support to struggling farmers and their families. By educating consumers on coffee products, they encourage more responsible trading. This movement is making huge waves in turning the trade of this important commodity around.

    You can be sure you're buying the only and best Fair Trade coffee by checking the packet. If the Fair Trade logo is showing, I urge you to buy that packet of coffee! Sure, it may be a little bit more expensive. But, if you can spare an extra dollar or two, you'll be making a huge difference to the lives of the farmers.

    The Benefits of Buying Fair Trade Coffee

    So, you've found a bag of coffee beans with that promising Fairtrade sticker. You're ready to try a new type of coffee in a bid to support fair farming! You may be wondering exactly what difference your purchase will make. Here are some of the benefits that buying Fair Trade has:

    processing coffee beans by farmers

    # Educates the farmers.

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Many farmers lack the knowledge they need in a modern day market. Without the right technology or training, they may have to rely on small yields. That can make it difficult for them to bargain for a fair price for their products and they have to settle for less.

    # Supports the environment.

    Fair Trade practices have a strong focus on environmental sustainability. They use organic practices that encourage the growth of plants. There's no need for harmful pesticides or other toxic chemicals. These chemicals are not only bad for the environment but for local villages, too. They get in the water and the air and can affect towns and wildlife. Sustainable production keeps the natural environment thriving for the future.

    # Fair price for everyone.

    Coffee that is certified Fairtrade has a base price. That means that you don't pay way over the odds, and the workers get what they deserve, too.

    # Invests in local communities.

    Most Fairtrade coffee groups reinvest income into local businesses and communities. Instead of building on already large corporate businesses, they help those who need it most. Buying Fairtrade means that you're helping to build a local community. It supports vital areas like housing, education, and healthcare.

    # Organic is healthier.

    healthy organic fair trade coffee

    Organic Fair Trade coffee is healthier, and tastes better, too! Say goodbye to toxic chemicals that artificially encourage the growth of coffee plants. Organic coffee is sustainably grown at a slower pace and under shade. The coffee keeps all its nutrients and flavors can develop well. This also helps to nurture soil that is full of nutrients. Great for all of the current and future coffee plants of the world!

    Buy The Best Fair Trade Coffee

    Around 85% of the Fair Trade coffee you buy is also organic Fair Trade coffee. Just another added benefit. If you can afford the premium price, you should give Fair Trade a go! There are endless places you can pick up some of the best Fair Trade coffee.

    buy the best fair trade coffee

    Smaller, boutique roasters often specialize in Fair Trade coffee beans. They understand the importance of supporting small businesses. They know their customers are concerned about global matters and so buy fairly traded products. Roasters create strong relationships with farmers and you can be sure they're doing everything right.

    Many of the larger coffee chains are also offering Fair Trade options. Starbucks is one of the world's largest purchasers of Fairtrade coffee. This is fantastic news for the industry. Starbucks has such a wide fan base and reaches a wide net of consumers. Becoming Fairtrade advocates was a definite great move.

    Try online or search for Fair Trade roasters in your area. You're sure to find plenty! Experiment with brands and see if you notice a better tasting coffee bean. Be sure to let us know which Fairtrade certified coffee is your new favorite. Help farmers make their way out of poverty, one cup at a time!

    ​Try Fairtrade coffee and be a part of a brighter future for the agricultural world.

    The Bottom Line

    Currently, Fair ​rade represents 810,000 farmers in 30 countries. They are continuing to support the coffee farmers, making sure they get paid fairly for their work and produce. In 2013-2014, the coffee farmers received over $72 million from the support system. They were able to invest the funds in their farms, communities, and families.

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