The best flavored coffee list (part two). Which one you like most?

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    We already brought you a list of some of the best flavored coffee (part 1). I hope you've been out there, sampling and experimenting with tastes! With an ever-changing coffee market, it will take a long time to try them all!

    I thought it was about time to bring you a new list to get your teeth into. Introducing some more damn good coffee flavors...Part 2!

    1. Apple Coffee

    You know the old saying. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I want to add a new and improved twist on that adage. An apple coffee a day keeps the doctor away. It could be one saying that really rings true. We know about the benefits of drinking a cup of coffee a day. By adding the essence of fruit, or real fruit, it can only get healthier!

    In the mornings, is apple better than coffee at waking you up? It all depends on what you have planned for that day. If you plan to workout, the fructose in an apple offers a great wake up call. Apples release natural sugars throughout the day. Though it may not energize you straight away, the benefits last longer. Unless you are fond of decaf, for a quick boost of energy, nothing beats the caffeine in coffee.

    apple for coffee

    What happens when we combine the two? An energy hit combined with a classic taste, that's what. Most apple coffee is available as a number of creative flavors. Why not try some of the following:

    • Caramel apple coffee
    • Spiced apple coffee
    • Apple pie coffee
    • Apple streusel coffee
    • Apple cinnamon coffee
    • Apple crumble coffee
    • Apple coffee

    As you can see, drinking apple coffee is a unique experience. Some of the flavors will take you right back to your childhood! Remember chewing on a caramel apple? Or eating apple crumble in front of the fire? You can re-create these flavors without the piles of sugar.

    With this delicious flavor, there's no need to grow or buy your own apples. All flavors are available as ready-infused coffee beans. Simply buy a bag of fresh beans and grind the right amount just before brewing. Add any extras of your choice. Whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, and caramel sauce are just some suggestions. Put it all together for the best flavored coffee!

    2. Almond Coffee

    When we talk about almond coffee, we could be talking about one of two things. Almond flavored coffee, or almond milk in coffee. Lately, more people are seeing the benefits of changing their milk choice. Studies and documentaries are emerging about the cons of drinking cow's milk. I know you might hesitate before making the switch.

    almond for coffee

    You're probably wondering about two big questions. I'll attempt to answer them simply here. (If nothing but to save you watching a 90 minute documentary!)

    1) Is almond milk good in coffee?

    Yes, you can make a fantastic coffee using almond milk! Big cafe names and brands are slowly introducing it into their menus. Retail sales of almond milk is rising continuously. This suggests that more and more people are skipping the cow's milk.

    We make almond milk by soaking almonds in water, before pulverizing and straining them. You can make a coffee in just the same way as normal milk. It does solidify more quickly, so don't delay in “drinking your coffee!

    2) What are the benefits of drinking almond milk in your coffee?

    Almond milk should be on the shopping list of anyone on paleo diet or vegan coffee. It ticks a few other boxes too, making it a great choice. It's high in protein and low in calories. It's also dairy-free.

    Even if you're not following a strict diet, try almond milk for its other benefits. It's rich in nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and more. It is full of antioxidants and can help to lower levels of bad cholesterol. Almond milk is easier on the stomach compared to cow's milk. It helps boost digestion and promote good bacteria in the gut.

    Almond flavored coffee

    These benefits are available if you buy almond flavored coffee too. Coffee infused with almonds offers all the flavor and benefits that this little "superfood" can offer. Toasted almond coffee can provide a lingering, buttery taste. It's one of the world's best selling flavors. Serve it up at your next dinner party, and you won't disappoint your guests!

    3. Tiramisu Coffee

    Tiramisu is that one Italian desert you can't resist. Even though your main meal may have left you feeling full, there's always room for tiramisu. This coffee-flavored dessert is made of sponge cake, custard, and mascarpone cheese. For all you caffeine fans out there, we're going to turn this on its head. Introducing the dessert-flavored coffee.

    Tiramisu flavored coffee is a robust, filling gourmet coffee. It offers you the perfect balanced flavor of vanilla, chocolate, alcohol, and coffee. A truly decadent taste combo! If the exciting, comforting aroma doesn't lift you up, the caffeine will.

    tiramisu coffee

    This is an indulgent flavor that you can enjoy every day. Tiramisu may be brimming with calories. Tiramisu flavored coffee, however, isn't. Just brew it with water and drink simply if that's how you wish. If you'd prefer to go all out, then go right ahead and treat yourself!

    Did you know, tiramisu is Italian for "pick me up"? When we add the flavor into a strong cup of coffee, it really is a pick me up! This luxury desert deserves no less than a luxury cup of coffee. Follow this tiramisu coffee recipe for one you can make at home. Just like the desert itself, this will be "heaven in your mouth".

    1. Place a scoop of chocolate ice cream into a long glass.
    2. Crush some biscuits and add them to the ice cream.
    3. Pour in an espresso shot of Tiramisu coffee. The easiest way is to use an espresso machine. Often, when you buy coffee beans online they are only roasted that day. You can be sure they are fresh and full of flavor.
    4. Use a milk steamer to make hot, frothy milk. You want to achieve around 2/3 hot milk and 1/3 microfoam.
    5. Sprinkle some chocolate powder on the top and enjoy.
    6. For an even more authentic tiramisu flavor, why not add some liquor? Amaretto, rum, and sherry all work well.

    4. Pistachio Coffee

    Scientists have found a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Apparently, the finding tastes and smells just like the real thing. The main differences being that it's cheaper, and it doesn't have that kick! Specially roasted pistachio nuts are the answer. Roasting the nuts produces the chemicals to produce a caramel and burnt sugar smell.

    pistachio for coffee

    Their aroma is rich and nutty. It's more woody than coffee and makes a dark brown drink. But what if you want the real thing? What if you like the caffeine in your morning coffee?! Now you can buy real coffee beans infused with pistachio flavor. Let's take a closer look.

    The flavor has been called "life-changing" by Dunkin' Donuts customers. If the reviews are right, could this be the best flavored coffee? A cup of pistachio coffee combines a perfect, satisfying balance. You'll get the subtle taste of freshly roasted pistachios, mixed with high-quality coffee beans. It makes for a light and elegant drink that you don't need to mess with.

    You can make a heavenly cup of coffee, with some of the world's favorite nuts. It's a low calorie option and has all the health benefits of the little nuts. It's perfect for anyone that likes their coffee smooth and hot. It's also perfect for those that want a cool refreshing beverage. Here's a quick recipe for a tasty pistachio iced coffee.

    • Grind your pistachio coffee beans. Pistachio is a popular, respected flavor. Most roasters use 100% Arabica beans to complement the flavor perfectly.
    • Pull a single or double espresso shot. You can give this chance to cool if you like.
    • Fill a glass with cubed ice.
    • Pour full-cream milk into the glass, leaving some space at the top.
    • Add your pistachio-flavored espresso. Enjoy that refreshing hit!

    5. Raspberry Coffee

    raspberry for coffee

    What if you're looking for a new way to take your coffee? A way that will combine the uplifting hit of caffeine, bright raspberry, and velvety chocolate. Now you can buy some raspberry chocolate coffee. What's the difference? You eat the coffee beans straight from the bag. No kettle required!

    Consuming coffee this way isn't a new hype. In fact, people used to pop coffee beans like candy. It wasn't until the 13th century that they decided to brew them. Here's what you can expect when you eat coffee beans.

    1. A more intense caffeine experience. You ingest all of the caffeine in the beans. With brewed coffee, you only get what drips through the filter. You get the nutrients and antioxidants more quickly, too. They can absorb through the membranes in the mouth.
    2. Coffee can help to reduce pain. Having it before a workout can reduce muscle pain by 26-48%. Caffeine blocks our compound that is responsible for perceiving pain. Eating the beans will get this pain blocker working even faster!
    3. Coffee beans can also have a laxative effect. In small doses, it's good for the digestive system. Too much of it and you could be running for the bathroom! Again, eating coffee beans will only enhance the laxative effect.

    Eating coffee beans back in the old days may not have tasted that great. Luckily for us, that's all changed! Raspberry chocolate coffee beans are a best-selling, tasty treat. Buy them as a well-packaged gift for a friend. Or buy them for yourself and keep them at your desk. Pop a bean whenever you need a yummy pick-me-up.

    The first thing you'll notice is the sweet, sugary aroma of fresh raspberries. You'll then bite through silky smooth chocolate and tangy raspberry.

    If you prefer the modern brewing method, there is raspberry coffee for that too. Brew a cup for a luxurious, sweet-tasting coffee. The pleasant aroma will fill your kitchen. I guarantee you'll go back for more!

    6. Nutty Coffee

    When we describe a coffee as "nutty", we mean it has the aroma and flavor of fresh nuts. If this is the characteristic you seek, try coffees from South America. Those guys are producing a lot of nutty coffee beans.

    The nuttiness can come from processing, bean density or roasting. A nutty taste is all about the good nuts, too. A coffee can taste of a peanutty, fatty flavor. This isn't the kind of nuttiness we seek! A good nutty coffee tastes like almond, hazelnut, cashew or walnut. Often, they're roasted at a Full City roast. For some of the best nutty flavored coffee, try Brazil, Java and Costa Rica.

    There's another country that does nutty coffee well. Ireland. Like most things produced like Irish coffee, it has a twist. Introducing the nutty Irishman coffee! This version is a treat best enjoyed on special occasions. Like St Patrick's Day, Christmas Day, or just on a Wednesday! It is full of liquor and whipped cream. A treat that will surely warm your soul on a cold day.

    Nuts for coffee

    Fancy following in the footsteps of the Irish? Try this nutty Irishman coffee recipe. Remember, it contains alcohol, so drink in moderation. And I suggest sticking to your regular cup of Joe before work in the morning!

    • Grab the liquor you need. This is something of a cocktail, so use Irish cream liquor, Frangelico and Kahlua. 1 oz of each should be enough.
    • Brew 5 oz of hot coffee. Use your favorite, high-quality coffee for the best results. For even more taste, use a nut-flavored coffee here. Hazelnut coffee could work quite well.
    • Pour the alcohol and coffee into a pre-heated mug. Top with whipped cream and add sanding sugar if you wish.
    • Drink while it's still hot. What a perfect after-dinner coffee!

    7. Rum Coffee

    If you're a fan of rum, you might think this is the best flavored coffee in the world! Who doesn't want to mix coffee with their favorite alcohol? Of all the alcohols, rum in coffee is one of the best duos. More and more people are seeing the potential. A popular way to combine the two is with a rum coffee milkshake!

    But, can you put rum in coffee? Of course, you can! You can also take the easier road and buy rum flavored coffee beans. They are gourmet coffee beans, that are rich and aromatic. Most sellers will use 100% Arabica beans at a slow roast. These processes bring out the subtle taste of rum, creating a perfect rum-coffee balance.

    rum coffee

    You might have also heard of the popular butter rum coffee. This is a blend of velvety hot butter, aromatic rum, and premium coffee. You'll sip on a rich, smooth drink with the taste of caramelized sugar. Hints of spice and wood just add to the experience. It can transport you straight to the Caribbean!

     In the 1800's, "rum" was a British slang term for "the best". Let's put that translation to the test! You can try rum coffee without drinking any actual alcohol. That means, people won't judge you for drinking at 8 AM! Here are some great ways to try rum flavored coffee beans.

    1. A luxurious hot drink. Brew the coffee and pour it into a long glass. Top with microfoam or even whipped cream. For an extra treat, add a shot of rum or some chocolate covered coffee beans.
    2. A refreshing milkshake. Try this on a hot day to cool and energize yourself. Simply allow your rum coffee to cool down. Blend it with ice cream (chocolate or caramel coffee flavor) and milk.
    3. Straight-up cup of coffee. Rum coffee beans taste so good that you don't need to add anything but water. This could become your preferred everyday cup.

    The Bottom Line

    With 7 more popular coffee flavors to choose from, you'll never get bored! We have the expert roasters to thank. Using their skill and knowledge, they can create almost any taste. Just one cup of coffee can transport you back to your childhood, or to an exotic vacation.

    Do you have a favorite flavor? Or maybe, like me, you just want to try them all and go for next list on (part 3)!

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