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    tasty flavored coffee

    The list of the best flavored coffee you can buy is ever-growing. The clever flavor creators can combine coffee beans with almost any taste. From sweet flavors from your childhood to more grown-up options. There's something for everyone.

    You most probably went through our previous lists of best flavored coffee (part 1) and (part 2). Here I'm bringing you the third installment of some tasty combination out there. If you haven't already tried them all, get tasting!

    1. Toffee Coffee

    Rich, sweet flavors like toffee are a match made in heaven when combined in a coffee cup. Toffee is an old English sweet, a little like hardened caramel. It's downfall lies in the consistency. It can get stuck in your teeth very easily! Adding a toffee flavor to coffee beans is kinder to the teeth, and keeps that traditional candy taste.

    If you like a rich, smooth coffee, this is for you. The aroma alone would make your grandparents squirm with excitement! It's an indulgent treat without the harmful sugar content in candy. You'll find about 45 calories in a cup of this, and even less without any milk.

    Also known as butter toffee coffee, these beans pack a luxurious punch. It gives you the chance to get creative. Forget about the calories for the day. Follow this toffee coffee recipe for a special treat.

    You will need:

    • Broken up English toffee (1 tbsp)
    • Instant coffee (1 tbsp)
    • Water ( 8 oz.)
    • Milk (1/8 cup)
    • Blender
    • Microwave or stove
    • Mug
    • Whisk
    toffee for coffee

    ​The Method


    ​Throw your toffee and your coffee into the blender. Pulse the combo until it's completely blended. Pour it into your mug.


    ​Boil the water and let it cool a little.


    ​Heat up the milk. You can either use a stove or a microwave. For a frothy finish, whisk the milk until it's thick and smooth.


    ​Pour the hot water over your coffee and toffee. Then, add the hot milk, spooning out the froth on the top. Sprinkle with chocolate powder if you choose.

    If you're short on time, buy the flavor-infused beans I've already told you about! You will still get that traditional English toffee flavor popping through, without the unhealthy sweets.

    2. Bacon Coffee

    bacon flavored coffee

    When I say you can add any flavor to coffee, I really mean any flavor! Bacon flavored coffee is like your whole breakfast in one cup. Is this flavor too weird to make the best flavored coffee list? I don't think so! Here's why you should never knock something until you try it.

    It may be one of the more unorthodox flavors. That doesn't matter because maple bacon coffee has some great qualities! This light, smoky coffee is the perfect morning wake up call. It's combined with sweet, sugary maple syrup. This cup really has it all. Are you convinced, yet?

    Creators pour maple-bacon flavoring onto smoked coffee beans. This gives them the chance to soak up the sweet, smoky flavor while keeping the coffee taste.

    If you're still unsure, let me delve a little deeper. The smell of bacon is stronger than the actual taste. The aroma will fill your kitchen and prepare you for the perfect breakfast. Your taste buds pick up the rich coffee and sweet maple syrup instead. Pair it with some pancakes and you'll never want to try anything else in the mornings!

    Bacon flavoring doesn't stop at coffee. Here are some other cool products you've probably never heard of:

    • Bacon flavored seaweed
    • Bacon flavored popcorn
    • Bacon flavored toothpaste
    •  Bacon flavored cologne
    • Bacon flavored soda

    ....The bacon flavored coffee doesn't sound so weird now, hey?!

    3. Snickerdoodle Coffee

    The classic snickerdoodle cookie doesn't scream "healthy diet", does it? It's sweet combination of sugar, butter, flour and some more cinnamon sugar is more of a tasty treat. But, never fear! There's a snickerdoodle alternative for adults that want to avoid so much sugar. Snickerdoodle coffee beans are low in calories, and high in taste.

    Snickerdoodle AKA cookie doodle coffee is a time portal to your childhood. It's warming flavor is the ideal cure for cold winter mornings. Aromas of cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla will fill your kitchen before the tastes fill your mouth.

    Here are ways that roasters ensure their snickerdoodle coffee beans are the best they can be:

    1. Only roasting the beans on day of purchase. For the best flavored coffee, order your beans online. Roasters will prepare your beans to order, making them fresher and more full of flavor.
    2. Using premium Arabica beans. Arabica beans have a more delicate flavor and won't overpower the snickerdoodle taste. The sugar content in Arabica beans is a great sweet complement to the cookie flavor.
    3. Lightly roasting the beans so the coffee flavor stays mild. This allows the chocolate snickerdoodle flavor to shine through.

    Once the beans arrive at your door, they're your responsibility! Store them properly and only grind before you use them. Get creative with your coffee by adding almonds and cinnamon sprinkles. The coffee combo will make your mouth water!

     You may be surprised at how much you enjoy our flavored coffees. Give them a try and let us know which is your favorite flavor.
    snickerdoodle flavored coffee

    If you're yearning for this buttery coffee with hints of milk chocolate, I don't blame you. I am too! Order your bag today and it could become your new favorite flavor.

    If you like to control the concentration of the taste, purchase some snickerdoodle flavoring. You can buy oils infused with the cinnamon, spice, vanilla and chocolate hints. Add either before or after the roasting process. For an intense flavor, use 15 ml of snickerdoodle flavor oil for every pound of beans.

    4. Breakfast Blend Coffee

    What do you eat for breakfast? Are you still holding on to your nostalgic Lucky Charms? Do you prefer a healthy fruit and kale smoothie? Or are you a pancakes and bacon kinda' person? There's no one set breakfast that someone has to have. So that poses the question: what is breakfast blend coffee?

    Breakfast blend isn't so much a flavor. When I say that, I mean your coffee beans won't give off flavors of poached eggs and hollandaise sauce! Instead, breakfast blend coffee describes the general profile of your coffee beans. It all comes down to coffee varietals and roast levels.

    Let's take a closer look at what you can expect from your breakfast blend coffee:

    • A neutral-tasting coffee that is a perfect way to start your day. It is pretty mild and balanced, and its flavors won't overpower your mouth early in the morning.
    • A coffee that isn't too full-bodied. That doesn't mean there's no flavor. A breakfast blend should never be weak and watery, either.
    • A perfectly balanced roast level. Breakfast blend coffee beans are not roasted too lightly or too heavily. A light roast can make the taste too bitter and raw. A dark roast becomes too intense for this blend. Generally, the roast level depends on the individual roaster. However, for the best breakfast blend coffee, we're looking for something even and "in-the-middle".
    • A flavor that drinkers want as their first food/drink of the day. Scientists found out that we want our morning drink to be bright, acidic, smooth and balanced. We like it to be rich in flavor, but not overpowering.
    • A coffee with a medium roast level. Other types of roast that sit in this category are the American Roast, City Roast, and Regular Roast.

    The experts created breakfast blend by using science. They considered which flavors people enjoy first thing in the morning. The flavor can differ slightly depending on the brand you choose. But at least now you have some idea about what you can expect. A breakfast blend coffee sounds great, I can't wait for lunch blend and dinner blend coffees!

    breakfast blend coffee

    5. Creme Brulee Coffee

    A creme brulee is a French dessert that we can translate into "burnt cream". When you put it like that, it doesn't sound too appetizing! But this popular desert consists of a rich custard base and hard caramel. It's a soft, sweet, jiggly classic. And it goes great with coffee.

    creme brulee coffee

    That may be why it didn't take the experts too long to come up with a creme brulee coffee blend. Creme brulee coffee beans bring the romantic magic of France straight to your coffee cup. It's a new flavor that comprises silky vanilla and rich caramel. The other upside? There's no need to set it on fire, or try to keep the custard in place!

    Before you taste this drinkable dessert, notice the aromas of burnt sugar it gives off. It surely is a treat that will go down well if you have a special Valentine's date! There are options available to you, as well. If you don't want a late-night caffeine kick, you can buy decaf coffee version.

    For the budding chefs, you can find a creme brulee coffee recipe. It can be a fairly complicated task. You would need to steam together caramel sauce and vanilla syrup. Then, pour over espresso and whipped cream. For that genuine creme brulee flavor, add a drizzle of caramel sauce and some brown sugar.

    It can be difficult to get the taste just right, so I prefer to use coffee beans with the flavor infused. You can buy them online and there are ways to guarantee the perfect coffee every time.

    1. Use cold, filtered water and always clean your machine first.
    2. Grind the beans yourself. Only grind what you need for one pot of coffee. Leaving ground beans in the cupboard makes for nasty, stale coffee.
    3. Choose the right grind depending on your machine.
    4. Measure out the right amount of coffee. Make sure the flavor isn't too watery or too intense. You can always modify the amount as you go along.
    5. Store your coffee beans in an airtight container in a dark, cool place.

    6. Eggnog Coffee

    Eggnog is one of those treats that usually only comes around at Christmas. It's a tradition in many households, and we just can't seem to let go!

    The drink began way back in America's history. The first American colonies were flush with rum, from the English-dominated Caribbean. America was an agricultural country at the time, too. This meant plenty of access to eggs and milk. They combined those dairy products with their booze to come up with eggnog.

    eggnog coffee

    It's unclear why this became a Christmas tradition. It could be something to do with the addition of alcohol being a luxury. Perhaps it's the creamy, rich taste. Either way, eggnog is a flavor that people love or hate! Now we can have eggnog flavored coffee at any time of the year.

    The coffee beans are a great purchase if you love the taste of eggnog. You can have all the traditional taste, and you don't need to crack any eggs to get it! This will be music to the ears of all vegans that would rather not miss out on their old holiday treat. The coffee beans are filled with beautiful, rich flavors you won't want to miss. Cream, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg all blended into one cup of coffee.

    There may be some people that wonder if they can skip the coffee flavoring. So, can you put eggnog in coffee? In fact, many Americans are now using eggnog as a substitute to coffee creamer. It tastes better than you might think. It's thick and creamy, so there's no need to add any sugar.

    That said, making eggnog is a lengthy process! It involves separating egg yolks and egg whites. It takes careful whisking, and you have to leave it in the fridge for up to two days! There are definite benefits to buying the coffee beans. They have all the flavor and none of the effort (or alcohol!)

    7. Highlander Grogg Coffee

    Our final coffee on this list of the best flavored coffee is Highlander Grogg coffee. This coffee gets its inspiration straight from the Scottish highlands. So you might be wondering, what is Highlander Grogg coffee?  What even is a Highlander Grogg?!

    scottish highland

    A cup of this will export you to the wild, rugged mountains of Scotland. It is bursting with flavor and aroma. It's not one for the weak! Okay, so what do the Scottish mountains taste like? I don't know, exactly. But I can tell you what Highlander Grogg coffee beans taste like:

    • You'll notice a hint of Scottish brandy. This is accompanied by light spice and smooth, buttery notes.
    • For an even smoother cup, your coffee will contain notes of cream and caramel flavor. Other flavors include treats like butterscotch toffee, vanilla, and chocolate. Put together, it's a unique blend waiting for you to try it!
    • Coffee is roasted to a Medium Roast. This ensures that it isn't too bitter, nor too powerful. It puts the focus on that authentic flavor instead.

    For extra Scottish authenticity, pair your coffee with the sound of some bagpipes! None of that sturdy Scottish brandy is included in the coffee beans. That means you can drink them at any time of day, wherever you are. If your colleagues question the bagpipes, just hand them a bag of Highlander Grogg coffee beans!

    The Bottom Line

    What a mixed bag of coffee flavors we have here! Authentic and unusual tastes take you to your childhood, to other countries, or just to breakfast time! Roasters prepare your coffee bean flavors and it makes our life so much easier. We don't have to spend time following recipes to get the desired taste. We also don't have to overdo it on the calories or alcohol.

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