Do you wonder about the best green coffee beans for sale?

    best green coffee beans for sale

    Did you know you could buy coffee beans before they have been roasted? When removed fresh from the tree, coffee beans are actually green. It’s the roasting process that gives the brown tint we all recognize. I went out to find the best green coffee beans for sale, so you can roast them your way!

    Here are 5 popular brands on Amazon and my thoughts on each one

    Product 1

    Aroma Craft Coffee: Colombian Narino Supremo

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Smooth and sweet with a bright acidity. A little earthy with hints of caramel.

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    Product 2

    Teasia Coffee: El Salvador

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Balanced body with undertones of caramel and honey, fruity aromas of apple and lime.

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    Morning Hills: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Floral tones with hints of fruit and vibrant citrus acidity.

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    Product 4

    Heirloom Coffee: Brazil Adrano Volcano

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Full, deep and dark coffee flavors.

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    Product 5

    Smokin Beans Coffee: Colombia

    Roast Type


    Whole Bean / Pre-ground

    Whole bean

    Flavor & Taste

    Smooth and fruity with a blackberry finish.

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    Some questions may arise inside you !!

    Q: How much caffeine is in green coffee beans?

    A: Just like roasted coffee, green coffee beans contain caffeine. However, they do contain less caffeine than process beans. Green coffee beans contain roughly 20mg of caffeine per serving, compared to 100mg per serving of roasted coffee. This means you can get your caffeine fix without being kept awake all night!

    Q: Can you eat raw coffee beans?

    A: It’s perfectly safe to eat raw, green coffee beans. That said, you might not like the taste! While roasted beans have a richer flavor, green beans are less appealing.

    They taste grassy and woody and can be hard to chew. Though, green coffee is said to be packed with antioxidants and health benefits.

    Q: Do green coffee beans work?

    A: You could try brewing a cup of coffee using green coffee beans, but I wouldn't recommend it. The cup would taste bitter and a little unpleasant. Instead, put them through a roasting process to create the coffee of your preference. Experiment with your raw beans to find your favorite method.

    Read full reviews:

    Product 1: Aroma Craft Coffee: Colombian Narino Supremo

    Aroma Craft Coffee believes in going back to basics with every product they sell. With a belief in honesty and transparency, they source green coffee beans from responsible farmers. The brand refuses to use GMOs or artificial materials, to bring something new to the food industry.

    They’re taking products from local farms and delivering them to consumers, without making changes along the way. Aroma Craft Coffee is all about simplicity, making them the best place to buy green beans if you want an honest product.

    These Colombian Narino Supremo unroasted green coffee beans are triple picked for premium quality. They are not robusta coffee beans, rather 100% Arabica beans that come in a range of sizes. I picked up the smallest size, 1lb bag, to try them out. But I think I’ll grab a larger portion next time! They’re also available in 3lb, 5lb and 10lb bags.

    Colombian Narino Supremo

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    You can count on these beans to get to you in a fresh state! They come in multi-layer bags that extend their storage life. That means you can keep them in your pantry and just roast when you feel like it.

    You can roast these beans however you like. I chose a hot air popcorn popper and was so pleased with the results. After the first crack, I waited a minute until the beans turned light to medium brown. On a second attempt, I allowed the color to darken some more for a richer taste.

    The beans were grown at altitudes of 1750-2100 meters and undergo a washing process. They’re found in Narino, Colombia. This province is known for its active volcanoes, especially one called Galeras. The environment creates productive soils, making this one of Colombia’s best spots for growing coffee.

    Flavors & attributes

    We can thank the Narino region for the smooth body and nutty flavor of these beans! There are subtle hints of caramel and mocha, with some earthy undertones, too. These Supremo grade green beans are smooth with a little sweetness. They also have a rich body, are well-balanced and have a bright acidity.

    Colombian coffee has a reputation for being one of the best producers. It affords a mellow acidity and that strong caramel sweetness we all love! With hints of nuts, you can’t mistake the great taste of beans from Colombia.

    After roasting these particular varieties, I noticed a pleasant but mild aroma. There was no hint of oils escaping, even after 24 hours.

    Depending on roasting time, you can expect a creamy, velvety cup and even hints of dark chocolate. Just bliss! I recommend starting with a medium roast and then experimenting based on your taste. Even overdoing the roast process creates a mouth-watering flavor, but is more bitter.

    Nutrition & health profile

    • Full of antioxidants, just what you’d expect from raw coffee beans
    • The main component of green beans is chlorogenic acid. This is thought to have health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and improving metabolism
    • Green coffee beans contain around 20% of the caffeine in roasted beans. This eliminates most of the health concerns associated with caffeine
    • Remember that once beans are roasted, the nutrition profile changes

    Order Aroma Craft Coffee: Colombian Narino Supremo

    You could buy this coffee in small quantities. But, after reviewing it, I recommend going straight for the larger portions! Since it stores so well, you don’t have to consume the beans straight away.

    Store them in the bag they come in for maximum freshness. They last for long time and their flavor will not escape.

    These beans come from a company in Los Angeles. They offer fast shipping, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your delivery.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    I had so much fun experimenting with different roasting processes. Surprisingly, they all tasted great! Even when I roasted a little too dark, I enjoyed the coffee it produced. This is rare for coffee beans.

    The aroma is quite mild. I personally love being hit by coffee scents while I brew, so practise processing these to unleash maximum aroma.

    The flavor is complex as well as smooth. It’s clear from each sip that these are superior coffee beans grown in ideal regions.

    The packaging is great and the brand has admirable values and is conscious about where their products come from. For that reason, this makes a great gift for any coffee lover you know!

    Product 2: Teasia Coffee: El Salvador

    El Salvador coffee

    Teasia is a brand most known for selling not coffee, but tea. It uses only the highest quality products they find all around the world, never using artificial additives. Teasia uses 100% natural ingredients in both their tea and coffee.

    They honor their commitment to do good in the world. This means following business practices that are socially responsible and making sure their suppliers do too.They support various charities in environment, education, healthcare and poverty sectors. So, when you buy from Teasia, you’re contributing to a good cause!

    If you were wondering where to buy green coffee beans for roasting that positively affect the world, you found them.

    I wanted to know if their beans matched up to their values. Are their raw coffee beans from El Salvador as good as I hoped? Read on to find out.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    In this bag, you’ll find single origin beans that are 100% grown in El Salvador. They are grown in mountainous regions at high altitudes. More specifically, the region is called Volcán Chaparrastique, El Volcán, San Miguel. As you probably already know, volcanic soil is a haven for the growth of great-tasting coffee.

    Quality is important, here. Teasia coffee beans are 100% specialty grade gourmet whole coffee beans. Each bean is selected for its origin, quality and flavor profiles and harvested between December and February. The company uses small batches for greater control over the outcome.

    They only source coffee beans from a single supplier or farmer, and single region. This way, Teasia is able to provide a consistent taste and transparent process. They then roast them in their Californian facility to create the flavor profile they want. However, these beans have been kept raw for your own roasting.

    Coffee beans are organic and Fair Trade wherever possible.

    Flavors & attributes

    Grown high in the mountains in El Salvador, at 1200-1600 meters, you can be sure these beans are bursting with satisfying flavor! They are slightly softer and less acidic than others found in Central America.

    These particular beans are given more time to grow, so they can develop more flavor and nutrients.

    These Bourbon coffee beans have a complex taste and aroma. They have a gentle acidity and balanced body with a surprising mix of undertones. Expect honey and caramel undertones as well as fruity aromas of lime and apple. This combination works well for a smooth, refreshing cup.

    Teasia uses wet-processing (or “washing”) to remove the fruit covering the raw beans. They then dry the bean on cement patios to deliver a clean taste and bright acidity.

    Nutrition & health profile

    • Teasia sells organic green coffee beans wherever possible, and works with Fair Trade farmers where they can
    • Remember that raw coffee beans have different health benefits compared to roasted beans. They have a lower caffeine content and more chlorogenic acid, which is beneficial. However, once you roast the beans, this changes
    • Experts believe green coffee beans are filled with health benefits. This includes lowering blood pressure and helping the body process sugar more easily. It could also reduce your risk of diabetes and help with weight loss

    Order Teasia Coffee from El Salvador

    These unroasted beans come in 5lb bags. This is the perfect size for the amateur or expert coffee roaster. If you find yourself getting through the bag quickly, treat yourself to a second!

    Once mine arrived, I was really pleased with the quality of the simple packaging. If you like the El Salvador coffee variety, try other green coffee beans from Teasia. Their range is quite extensive, and all looks great.

    I roasted to a Full City roast in a Gene café roaster, which took a little longer than I expected. Why not experiment with some other equipment and let me know your results? I’d love to hear from you!

    What we liked

    What could be better

    The overall experience from ordering with Teasia was a good one. The speed of shipping, packaging and cost were all very competitive. They clearly care about their customers.

    Roasting time is longer than usual, though I’m not sure why. As a rough estimate, it takes around 30% longer to roast these beans compared to most other suppliers.

    You can roast these beans to your preferred level. Each one I tried I loved – a sign of great quality beans.

    Oil content after roasting and crema after brewing was a little lower than I’d like. I’d suggest keeping a close eye on your beans as they are in the roaster and trying a few different methods.

    I noticed some irregularities in the beans once I opened the packaging. Sizes were very varied, and some beans were tiny. However, this does nothing to affect the taste and they are still excellent every time.

    Product 3: Morning Hills: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    In my search for the best green coffee beans for sale, I came across this product from Morning Hills Coffee. Morning Hills works directly with coffee growers around the world. They choose the farmers they work with based on two main factors: their ability to produce great coffee and contribution to their community.

    Most of their beans are unroasted. Does that mean Morning Hills are the experts in this list?

    The beans I sampled grow in Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, from family farms in a region called Kochere. Kochere is home to around 100,000 people who rely on coffee as their main crop. By buying coffee from here, we’re helping to feed local families and supporting this growing community.

    Morning Hills Coffee prides themselves on selling excellent coffee, while positively affecting the lives of farmers and their families.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    Interested in what Yirgacheffe has to offer? This is a perfect place to start! These beans grow at high altitudes of around 1800-2200 meters in acidic soils that are rich in iron.

    Farming practices are naturally organic and go back to basics, without the use of artificial fertilizers.

    As I mentioned, the brand is offering a simple path for consumers to help farmers become self-sufficient. Local communities continue to strengthen thanks to the help of the coffee crop.

    These beans come at a slightly higher price tag than some of the others. There’s a good reason for that. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe produces 3 grades of beans, which refer to their quality and region. These beans are the higher grade and come in quality packaging for maximum freshness. The packaging means environment does not affect the beans as much.

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    The phrase “you get what you pay for” rings true for this product! If quality matters for you, give them a go.

    Flavors and attributes

    Coffees from Ethiopia, specially in Yirgacheffe have a distinctive floral and herb-like taste. This is made even better with fruity hints and a vibrant citrus acidity. The result? A complex, flavorful coffee that is sweet and silky and offers a crisp, clean aftertaste.

    At a medium roast, I found a beautifully smooth coffee that wasn’t bitter at all. You could roast a little lighter for a weaker coffee with chocolate and hazelnut hints in both the taste and aroma. Experiment with a lighter roast at first and work your way up to darker roasts.

    I found the flavor came out best when I used a cast iron skillet. Put the popper away for these beans! At a City Roast, you can expect a slightly grassy taste. A dark roast will give the beans a deep brown hue, rich and pure taste with an amazing aroma.

    The beans are processed using eco-pulping, without the use of water. They are dried on raised beds for a taste that is consistent. As Arabica beans, they have a smooth, clean taste and are gentle on the stomach.

    Nutrition & health profile

    • These beans do contain caffeine. Like all coffee, you should drink them in moderation
    • There is some evidence to suggest green coffee beans have health benefits and can reduce your chance of getting some diseases. Claims have not been 100% proven
    • Raw coffee beans are harder and more difficult to chew than roasted beans. Roast first if you plan to eat them

    Order Morning Hills Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Order this product in bags of 1lb or 5lb. You’ll save a little money by buying in bulk – and I can vouch for the quality of these beans! Why not order the larger bag and store the beans? They’ll stay fresh for a long time.

    I was thrilled with the quality of packaging once these beans arrived at my door. They come in Kraft bags with a resealable zipper. The packaging is thick with a foil lining, just what is needed for long-term storage.

    For your first time roasting, grab 4-6 oz and start with a light roast. Listen out for the first crack so you can get a feel for the best process. If you hate burnt-tasting coffee (and who doesn’t?) don’t roast too much.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    This is a fine coffee that I am happy to recommend. The rich aroma and pure taste is everything you would expect from this region and high grade product.

    You will need a good-quality grinder to grind these beans finely. If you don’t have one, you could run into some troubles. Maybe it’s time to invest in a new grinder?

    The aftertaste is pleasant with no bitterness or acidic flavor. Each shipment arrives to me in perfect condition and every roast was amazing.

    They are some of the smallest beans I tried. While this didn’t affect flavor, this could put some people off.

    Product 4: Heirloom Coffee LLC: Brazil Adrano Volcano


    Before we start, you should know that Heirloom Coffee LLC now goes under the name Len’s Coffee. Remember this if you’re trying to source these beans, as it can cause some confusion! For the purposes of this article, I’ll use their original name, Heirloom.

    The brand only sells 100% Direct Trade coffee, sourcing the best from each region. How do they stand out in the industry? They choose heritage varieties grown for centuries, rather than hybrids grown just for yield.

    Their mission: to bring a thrill back to your coffee cup!

    Using safe and sustainable farming practices is at the heart of their business model. This extends to their coffee from Brazil. It is grown using sustainable practices and is UTZ certified.

    Heirloom works with family farms, preferring human pickers over machines. The pickers are paid well and can find the best crops without damaging the environment.

    What do you need to know about these beans?

    These beans grow in the volcanic micro-climate of Pocos de Caldas in Brazil. Volcanic soil nurtures some of the best quality coffee plants. They grow on the side of an ancient volcano, facing the sun.

    Farmers use dry-processing methods to develop a ripened taste profile for these single-origin green coffee beans.

    They are also an award-winning variety. They won the Golden Bean USA Bronze Medal in 2015 and 2017 – a great achievement!They have also placed high in other international cupping competitions.

    Not only that, Heirloom Coffee is a charitable producer that contributes towards preserving the rainforest.

    Flavors and attributes

    The ideal sun-facing location breathes a real, vibrant energy into these beans. Intense sunny days and a sudden change in climate helps the beans develop their full flavor during evenings.

    Rainforest soil mixes with volcanic soil for an environment that impacts taste in all the best ways. It offers wealthy mineral traces and a flavor that fans of great dark coffee love.

    How you roast these raw beans is up to you. A dark roast will produce a smooth body and buttery aroma, for a drop of luxury in your cup. There’s a high sugar content in these dry-processed beans that is evident in the taste.

    Overall, this had a rich and complex flavor profile. I noticed sharp and bright elements, as well as earthy tones with a hint of chocolate coffee. There is a definite floral aspect, too, which is expected from this region.

    Nutrition & health profile

    • Heirloom Coffee uses organic processes where possible, but doesn’t claim to be wholly organic.
    • Raw coffee beans have a lower caffeine content and higher chlorogenic acid content than roasted beans. This makes them the healthier option.

    Order Heirloom Coffee: Brazil Adrano Volcano

    Order these bags in package sizes of 1lb, 3lb or 10lb. The more you order, the more you save!

    They arrived quickly at my door in a resealable poly bag, which is ideal for freshness. They even come with instructions for roasting. If you are pretty new to roasting your own coffee beans, this is a great help. If you’ve been doing it a while, follow your own rules.

    However you roast, you’ll notice a strong, bold coffee. There will be some delicious caramel coffee tones, too. If you accidentally roast too much, it will taste a little burned, though not too acidic.

    Let me know how you roasted these Brazilian volcanic beans. I’d love to get some more ideas!

    What we liked

    What could be better

    These beans are strong with a real kick, making them a good base even for espressos. The taste varies hugely depending on roast levels. A light to medium roast will end up buttery with hints of popcorn flavor. Yum!

    You need quality roasting equipment to create the best cup. These beans can be hard to roast if you’re inexperienced. Try a few times if you’re struggling to get it right.

    It has a strong flavor without being harsh. For that reason, it works however you like your coffee. Mochas, espressos, black coffee? It’s all tasty and smooth, with a little butterscotch undertone!

    They are more expensive than others in their category, but this is expected for their unique growing conditions. They grow on the side of an ancient volcano!

    The beans arrived clean and in a good state. There were few inconsistencies and the packaging was in perfect form.

    Product 5: Smokin Beans Coffee: Colombia

    Smokin Beans make a bold statement: “you will not find a better coffee anywhere”. This got my attention! That’s why I made it the 5th and final product on this list. Let’s take a closer look…. Could these really be the best green coffee beans for home roasting?

    Smokin Beans works with farmers that practice sustainable farming for bio-diversity. It’s also important that they pay staff fairly and treat them well.

    Colombian Coffee

    The particular bag I sampled comes from Colombia, in the Huila region. A group of small farms operate in the area, under the canopy of the rainforest. There is housing, healthcare and schools nearby for farmers and their families.

    The area also protects their wildlife though a strict “no hunting” policy. At the same time, it produces great-tasting coffee that supports sustainability.

    What do you need to know about these coffee beans?

    These beans make an awesome “anytime” cup, meaning you can enjoy them at any time of day.

    The brand recommends you try Colombian beans mixed with their Roasters Delight blend. The blend was actually made accidentally by one of the roasters in the company! Turns out, this accident worked really well. This became a best-seller.

    All beans have superior ratings at the cupping test. That quality begins from farm, all the way through each process to your cup.

    Once picked, the beans undergo a washing processing and are 80% sundried, and 20% mechanically-dried. The plants they come from are called Caturra and Colombia-Castillo. They’re grown to perfection at 1400-1750 meters in volcanic soil containing organic matter.

    Roast these at home to your preference for a unique-tasting coffee that’s just perfect for you.

    Flavors and attributes

    Once I got the ideal roast level, the overall cup was smooth with a plum and blackberry finish. This was the result of a medium to dark roast. If you like your coffee richer, roast for an extra couple of minutes. Just don’t overdo it!

    The Huila region is home to Arabica beans, for a consistent and mellow quality you can count on.

    The mountains around Huila are famous for their ability to produce a surprisingly fruity cup. Think a subtle honey-like sweetness with the taste of toasted nuts and caramel. This is topped off with that blackberry finish I mentioned.

    You’ll notice a slight acidity and well-balanced flavor, with no bitterness.

    It’s a great choice for that morning cup to start your day off feeling perky!

    Nutrition & health profile

    • I couldn’t find much information about how these beans are grown. Farmers use sustainable farming practices, though I’m unsure about the use of pesticides. There’s no label for USDA Organic, so pesticides may have been used.
    • Coffee beans contain caffeine, in both their roasted and unroasted state. If you don't buy decaf coffee, consume in moderation.

    Order Smokin’ Beans Coffee: Colombia

    Need your Colombian coffee fix? Smokin’ Beans sell their unroasted, whole beans in packs of 5lb. You can also choose between blends and combos to mix them up with other favorites.

    The company ships 24 hours per day between Monday to Friday, so your order should arrive between 2-3 working days.

    Try roasting at around 400-degree F. and cooling quickly for best results. Roast time depends on your preferences, but I loved a medium to dark level with these beans.

    Remember that green coffee beans are safe to store for months. Be sure you keep them in an airtight container away from moisture and sunlight.

    What we liked

    What could be better

    The roasting process was hugely satisfying! At each crack, you can see the bean expand nicely and darken just how you like it. A little oil escapes, but not too much.

    I’ve ordered from this supplier a few times and, though the coffee tastes great, it has a certain smell when you open the bag. The smell isn’t super pleasant. However, don’t let this put you off, as it doesn’t affect the quality of the cup.

    Order time is one of the best on the list! This company works around the clock to ship products in a timely manner. Great customer service – no one likes to wait for their coffee!

    They’re an easy bean to roast. If you’re a beginner at home roasting, this is a good place to start. Almost every batch turned out well, so you can roast however you like.

    The Bottom Line

    What a fun experiment that was! Finding the most superior green coffee beans took some time, but I feel I’m now an expert home roaster and can pass this onto you!

    The stand-out one for me had to be product 4, from Brazil Adrano Volcano. It really excites me to drink something that grows on the side of this ancient volcano. Not only that, but it tasted smooth, sweet and luxurious. I’ve tried it just about every way and it was all delicious!

    If you’re happy to pay a little more for better quality coffee beans, I recommend it. Which is your favorite product and roast level?

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