Coffee Frappé at Home: here is what you need to know

    coffee frappé at home

    Coffee crazes come and go. Types of coffee become famous for their taste, or for their appeal on Instagram. There's no escaping the frappé craze. With its appearance in menus of so many big names in the coffee world, its popularity is snowballing.

    If you haven't come across the frappé yet, where have you been hiding?! A frappé is its own unique drink, that is similar to an iced coffee. Now you can jump on board with the hype, and make a coffee frappé at home.

    What is a Frappé?

    A frappé is a cold, refreshing coffee drink. It's usually served in a glass. Unless you're in a truly hipster cafe, where it might be served in a jug or a milk bottle. It is a smooth treat for the taste buds. You can play around with flavors and toppings, to create the frappé of your dreams!

    Though the word frappé is French, the drink began in Greece. You'll be hard-pushed to find a Greek restaurant that doesn't serve it up! That said, many cafes across America are now serving up delicious frappés, too.

    To get you more accustomed to this coffee/milkshake/iced coffee hybrid, let's answer some FAQ's.

    Q: How did the frappé begin?

    The frappé has been around since the 19th century. This didn't always relate to just coffee. Sometimes, it just meant a cold drink or a slush.

    The Greeks came up with the coffee frappé in 1957, using instant coffee. It all started at the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki. A worker at Nestlé came up with the drink when he couldn't find any hot water for his instant coffee. Instead, he used cold water and ice cubes and drank it down.

    People from far and wide have visited Greece and tried the drink for themselves. Many took it back to their home countries and shared the recipe. The widespread popularity means that the rest of us can make a coffee frappé at home.

    Q: Do frappés have coffee?

    Yes, traditionally we make frappés with coffee. Though this began with instant coffee, it has developed a lot since then. Now, many places make frappés with a freshly pulled shot of espresso.

    Concerned about the caffeine content in a frappé? The amount often depends on the brand and the barista. Some will use one shot of espresso, others prefer a stronger hit with two shots. As a rough guide, a small serving (12oz) will contain around 75mg of caffeine.

    Q: What other types of frappés are there?

    A good frappé isn't limited to coffee. The word frappé translates to " to knock or beat" something. Basically, any drink we can blend and crush can be called a frappé!

    You can make yours with teas, juices or chocolate. You blend your choice of drink with ice to create a foamy, cold beverage. It should have a frozen or slushy consistency.

    Q: What flavors can I use in my frappé?

    We know coffee goes with almost anything! That means you can get creative with your coffee frappé. There are so many flavors to choose from, and you can even use a variety of toppings. Popular coffee flavors include mint, chocolate, caramel, pistachio and more.

    Want to create a more decadent drink? There are lots of ways to spruce up your coffee frappé. Try adding whipped cream and topping with sugar or flavored sauces. You can even add chocolate pieces, and blend some liquor into the mix!

    caramel coffee frappe

    Iced Coffee V Frappé

    At this point, the coffee frappé might sound suspiciously like an iced coffee. So what is the difference between iced coffee and frappé? Let's compare the two here, by checking out some differences and similarities.

    Iced coffee


    The base of the drink

    ​Iced coffee is limited to being made with coffee.

    ​A frappé can be made from tea, coffee or other things.


    ​Doesn't contain foam. The iced coffee is made by pouring liquid over ice cubes.

    ​Contains foam. This comes from the shaking up of all ingredients.


    ​The ice is added to the glass, and then the blended drink is poured over. Ice cubes remain intact.

    ​The ice cubes are added before the blending begins. This creates something of a coffee milkshake.

    Caffeine content

    ​Usually one shot of espresso.

    ​Usually one shot of espresso.


    ​Served cold, usually in a glass with a straw.

    ​Served cold, usually in a glass with a straw.

    How to Make a coffee Frappé at home

    Itching to make a coffee frappé at home? Can't wait to take a photo of your artwork and post it on social media?! Here's a really simple recipe for how to make iced coffee frappé. This here is your basic coffee frappé. Remember, you can add any flavors and extras you desire to keep it fun and perfect for you.

    You will need:

    how to make coffee frappe at home
    • Cold brewed coffee (3/4 cup)
    • Ice cubes (1 1/4 cups)
    • Milk. Choose full-fat, soy, almond or whatever you prefer. (1/2 cup)
    • Sugar - optional (1 tbsp)
    • Whipped cream - optional
    • Chocolate shavings or other garnishes - optional
    • Tall glass
    • Blender
    • Straw

    ​The Method


    ​Combine all ingredients in the blender. Throw in the ice, coffee, milk, and sugar. Blend until the ice is bashed up and you have a frothy consistency. Think thick, smooth milk shake style drink.


    ​Have a taste. Add more sugar if you think it needs it/you need a bigger energy boost.


    ​Pour into your tall glass.


    ​Add the whipped cream and any fancy toppings you like. Drink straight away through a straw.


    ​Go ahh as the refreshing drink cools you down and picks you up!

    The Bottom Line

    You may have tried a milkshake, and an iced coffee, but have you tried a coffee frappé? It's like a perfect combination of the two. It's been cool in Greece for decades now and is making its mark on the rest of the world.

    It's a trendy drink for a reason. It tastes great and is completely customizable. It's refreshing on hot, summer days and provides the caffeine hit. I think this is one craze that won't be dying down soon!

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