The green coffee beans benefits: you will love the facts, no doubt

    green coffee beans

    The world rejoiced when we found out that coffee was good for us! It turned out to be some of the best news we've had in ages. Now, there's no reason to skip our daily cup of coffee. In fact, I encourage it!

    But what if coffee could be even healthier? Did you know about the green coffee beans benefits? It turns out that ingesting coffee beans in their green state has some great perks, too.

    What are Green Coffee Beans?

    You can think of green coffee beans as the baby of the coffee bean. It's at its early stages. No one has messed with it yet. If you take a green bean and have a sniff, it won't have many of the properties we associate with coffee. The raw bean won't have that deep coffee smell.

    The coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee plant. This seed is green in its natural state before it gets roasted. During the roasting period, the coffee bean we can all recognize develops. The roasting process gives us that rich brown, aromatic coffee bean. It causes the sugars to caramelize and makes the beans all tasty. Roasters have to ensure they don't overdo it, or they risk burning the beans.

    coffee beans roasting

    The roasting process changes the chemical and physical properties of the natural bean. So, does this process cause a loss of some of the green coffee beans benefits? Here is some of the chemistry behind the roasting process:

    1. The chemical change gives rise to over 800 compounds. One-third of these are aromatic compounds.
    2. The moisture content of the beans will dramatically drop. The beans will now contain only one-third of their original moisture.
    3. The first "crack" causes the plant compounds to decompose. The beans lose their green color and grassy smell. They gain a yellow hue and a popcorn-like scent.
    4. Some studies show that roasting leads to a loss of some important antioxidants. It reduces levels of chlorogenic acid (the really good antioxidant). As many as 90% of the antioxidants can be destroyed. That said, it could also form some new ones.

    The Green Coffee Beans Benefits for Health

    If you want to keep these antioxidants intact, you can skip the roasting process! You can buy green coffee beans or green coffee beans extract. Let's see why green coffee beans could be the next best addition to your diet.

    You'll get higher amounts of chlorogenic acid

    As I mentioned above, chlorogenic acid (CGA) is a great antioxidant for our bodies. Even a cup of brewed coffee contains 70-350 mg of it! Unroasted coffee beans contain even more than that, so you'll get a higher concentration.

    CGA can help to lower high blood pressure. It also contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight. You might notice some green coffee bean weight loss from these little seeds.

    They contain caffeine

    green coffee beans benefits

    Both green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans contain caffeine. Caffeine, as we all know, has its beautiful pros and its nasty cons! As long as you regulate the amount you take in, there should be nothing to worry about.

    The pros: A burst of energy to get you through the day. Improved cognitive function to help you perform better at tasks. Improved long-term and short-term memory.

    The cons: Can upset the stomach and increase the heart rate. Can give you too much energy leading to trouble sleeping and restlessness.

    Green coffee beans can combat illnesses

    Sufferers of some diseases take green coffee beans by mouth to help ease symptoms. They can fight against things like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. They can also help people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and bacterial infections.

    We can thank CGA once again for its benefits. CGA can affect blood vessels in those with high blood pressure. It is used with obese patients for the way it reacts with blood sugar and affects metabolism.

    It doesn't matter if you don't like coffee

    Another one of the green coffee beans benefits is that they're perfect for everyone. Even people that don't enjoy coffee. (They exist, apparently!)

    Scientists proved that there's no harm in drinking coffee. It's actually good for us, even when drinking on a daily basis. Some people miss out on the benefits of drinking coffee because they're not keen on the taste. Green coffee beans don't taste or smell like coffee as we know it. Thus, everyone can have them!

    Studies on Green Coffee Beans

    Some scientists have set out to prove or disprove the benefits of green coffee beans. So far, the studies are promising. In randomized trials, those taking green coffee lost more weight than those on placebo pills. The trials are in their early days. Many believe that further evidence is needed for more concrete results.

    Studies on mice and rats showed the weight loss benefits of CGA. CGA reduced body fat overall. It also improved the function of a fat burning hormone. I would prefer to know how studies on humans turned out. Let's see what other results were found.

    Human studies found that CGA reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract. This lowers blood sugar. CGA has a similar effect on the body as a low carbohydrate diet.

    In randomized controlled trials, 30 overweight individuals were studied. Half of these people consumed regular coffee. The other half had green coffee beans in their diet. They were instructed to keep their diet and lifestyle the same.

    The results were clear. Those taking green coffee beans lost 11.9 lbs on average, and 3.6% body fat. The other group lost just 3.7 lbs and went down 0.7% body fat.

    green coffee beans assist for weight loss

    Some scientists suggest that taking green coffee beans extract is just a "band aid" effect. It won't keep you skinny forever! You must take the supplement regularly, and maintain a good diet and exercise routine. Green bean extract is designed to assist you with your weight loss.

    Where can you Buy Green Coffee Beans?

    You'll find green coffee beans for sale in health stores or on the internet. There's increased media coverage around them, and many scientific studies are emerging. For those reasons, they're becoming even more widely available.

    You can buy organic green coffee beans, too. Going organic gives you some great benefits. You'll get peace of mind that you're contributing to a fairer world. Here's what it means to buy organic coffee beans:

    • The growing conditions are better maintained. The coffee plants are free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Everything is grown naturally, without the need for synthetic assistance.
    • Pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers are not good for the environment. They get released and affect air quality. They can destroy wildlife and are bad for the health of those living nearby. The chemicals can also seep through the soil and contaminate drinking water.
    • Going organic helps small businesses and family farms. It ensures proper pay and further training, along with sustainable growth.

    With all these health benefits, and the chance to go organic, you must be itching to try these beans! But if green coffee beans are unroasted, and don't taste like coffee, what do they taste like? In the past, people and animals ate these "raw" coffee beans. With the invention of roasting, they didn't have to anymore!

    They probably stopped because green coffee beans don't taste great. If you chew on them, they will be dry and tough to chew. For that reason, you may not grind them up well enough. This can be bad for your digestive system and your body won't absorb the nutrients. Even a burr grinder would struggle to bash up green coffee beans! Imagine the challenge it would be for your teeth.

    Instead, I'd suggest buying green coffee beans extract. This method takes green seeds and soaks them. They are then concentrated to create the extract.

    If you like your coffee roasted, brewed and piping hot, green coffee may not appeal to you. You don't have to chew on these raw seeds, though! There are other ways to get your health fix. The best places to buy green coffee beans are in health shops or online stores. You'll easily be able to source the green coffee beans extract. This is often available as a pill you can take each day.

    The pills are available fairly cheaply and come with a wealth of benefits. They're easy to ingest and your body can digest them. They can help to reduce cravings, help metabolism and aid weight loss.

    The Bottom Line

    For the best green coffee bean extract, order some online. The health benefits are amazing, I know! Though I recommend maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to go with it. Don't assume these "miracle pills" will change your life. Too much caffeine is not a good idea. If you're taking them for weight loss, incorporate gentle exercise too. Healthy habits you to maintain that weight loss in the future.

    With that in mind, remember that green coffee beans are bursting with benefits. They may be small, but they sure are mighty. Try including them into your daily routine and see if you notice the difference.

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