How Do You Like Your Coffee and What Does It Say About You?

    How do you like your coffee

    Have you ever ordered your favorite coffee drink at a local café, only to feel like you were being judged by your fellow customers? Or worse – the staff? It all comes down to one simple question: how do you like your coffee?

    There are people out there who believe they know exactly what your coffee says about you. Do you agree with them? Let’s take a look at some common associations for coffee drinkers and the clues we can take from their choices.

    The Black Coffee Drinker

    Do you like milk in coffee or do you take it black? I’ve heard a myth that all black coffee drinkers are psychopaths! If that’s true, then we need to be careful in America, where 35% of people take their coffee without milk.

    A study of 1000 adults by the University of Innsbruck in Austria was the first to notice the trend. They looked at correlations between a love for bitter tastes and antisocial personality traits. The traits they studied included narcissism, psychopathy, sadism and aggression. They found that there was a correlation between those who liked black coffee or other bitter food and drink, with such traits.

    They also looked at the opposite end of the scale. It turned out that people who enjoyed sugar or milk in their coffee showed more “agreeable” personalities. They tended to be kinder, more sympathetic and cooperative!

    Do you believe that how you like your coffee could be a sign of a certain personality? For me, the black coffee drinker is someone that is to-the-point, focused and simple. In other words, not always a psychopath!

    The Espresso Drinker

    When I think of an espresso drinker, I think of someone who is always in a rush! With no time to sip a full cup of coffee, they can get their caffeine hit in one go. Need another hit? Drink another espresso! But how many cups of coffee is too much and am I correct about the espresso drinker personality?

    Espresso coffee drinks

    In fact, most people believe someone who drinks espresso is a natural-born leader. They know what they want and how to get it. There’s no fluff or time-wasting with these people and they are often full of new ideas.

    As an espresso fan, you know the beans for espresso and you love the taste of coffee. You’re able to appreciate the finer things in life, even in their most simple form.

    The Latte Drinker

    A 2017 study found that 22% of American women order lattes,  but men prefer a regular cup. Do you like milk in coffee and does your taste align with the rest of the US?

    It turns out that latte drinkers tend to show personality traits that are commonly associated with being female. This fact makes perfect sense when you compare it to the gender study above! Latte drinkers like a light colored coffee to soften the bitterness. This is just like how they like to soften the bitterness of life!

    Caffe latte

    They tend to be generous with their time and caring about the happiness of others. They go out of their way to help people and are an open book, often wearing their heart on their sleeve. Though great traits, this can leave people open to be walked on a little! If you’re a latte fan, make sure you take care of yourself as well as others!

    The Cappuccino Drinker

    Is a rich, frothy cup of joe your thing? If so, listen up! You could have both good and bad traits.

    Let’s start with the good. You’re probably super sociable and love to spend time with friends. You love the warm comfort of a cappuccino and are probably a warm, welcoming person. You may be optimistic about the future – and are always searching for the next great frothy coffee! You’re creative and honest, which makes you a great person to have around.

    Perfect cappuccino

    Now, here’s what you could work on. You may be a little obsessive and controlling. You know how annoyed you get when the foam or sprinkles aren’t quite right! Try to relax a little and just enjoy the milky goodness in front of you.

    The Frozen Coffee Drinker

    If you’re a frozen or blended coffee drinker, you’re a bit of a trendsetter, right? You’re confident in social situations and are always looking for the next “in thing”. Your friends would describe you as spontaneous, adventurous and even “child-like”. You’re great fun to be around and you know all the coolest places to hang…and the coolest coffees to drink!

    Frozen coffee

    Try not to be overly reckless and don’t fall for every latest fad. You’re likely to look for quick fixes instead of long-term solutions. Remember, when the frozen coffee melts, you’re left with watery leftovers. Think towards the future a little more but keep enjoying life as it’s supposed to be enjoyed!

    The Specific Drinker

    There are so many options in cafes, and you want to take advantage of them. Maybe you like your coffee decaf, made with soy or almond milk, or blended in a specific way. When you order, the barista knows they have to get it right! They’ll ask questions like how much sugar should I put in your coffee? Is the milk the correct temperature?

    Decaf coffee process

    The specific coffee drinker likes being in control of every aspect of their life. They make healthy choices and they don’t care what everyone else thinks. You’re a perfectionist and you know what you like. This means you’re probably headed for great things in life!

    While this is all fantastic, there are bad sides to your personality, too. You can come across as overly obsessive and even selfish. You might worry too much about everything being in order, and you get stressed if something goes wrong. Try relaxing a little more and seeing the difference it can make.

    The Bottom Line

    This may have got you thinking about how do you like your coffee and whether the associations are right! It’s all a little fun and the myths may not be correct, so don’t get too hung up on what your favorite coffee means. Keep drinking your way through the menu and trying new things. I’d love to hear what coffee you drink and if you feel your personality is the right match!

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