Instant Coffee Vs Ground Coffee: Which Type Suits your Lifestyle?

    instant coffee vs ground coffee

    You’ve heard the arguments for and against all kinds of coffee. Whole, ground, instant, arabica, with milk, without it. The list goes on. The truth is, the best option is purely down to personal preference and the lifestyle you live.

    In this article, we’re going to examine instant coffee vs ground coffee. I’ve listed some lifestyle preferences, to help you decide if fresh ground coffee is better than instant for you. Find the descriptions that you most relate to for more information about each.

    What is ground coffee and instant coffee?

    Before we start, let’s discuss a quick definition between the two varieties.

    Ground coffee: 

    Ground coffee comes from the coffee cherry, which gets roasted. After roasting, you’re left with whole coffee beans. They can also be bought in this form. The next step is to grind the whole beans into ground coffee – which can be done at home or by the manufacturer. Ground coffee can be brewed in multiple ways, such as a French Press or drip method.

    Instant coffee:

    Instant coffee is the result of the dehydration of ground coffee. After drying, soluble granules are left behind which contain all the important compounds of ground or whole coffee. These granules dissolve instantly in water.

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me

    Let’s take a look at the health profiles of both instant and ground coffee. If it’s important that you make daily healthy choices, you should consider the type of coffee you drink.

    Before we dive in, remember that coffee is a healthy drink on the whole. Especially when you compare it to sugary soft drinks. Researchers have found plenty of benefits to drinking coffee, so don’t feel guilty when you pour a cup!

    maintaining healthy lifestyle

    Many people think that instant coffee doesn’t provide the same health benefits that fresh, ground coffee does. They assume it’s full of preservatives and that much of the nutrition has dried out. Australian nutritionist Melanie McGrice thinks otherwise.

    She said that instant coffee largely has the same health benefits. It is just 100% coffee beans that have been dehydrated and there may be a small difference in vitamins, antioxidants and caffeine levels.

    For the healthiest instant coffee, limit the amount of sugar, cream and full fat milk you add. Pure coffee beans and hot water is the clear best option for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    I’m always on-the-go!

    Do you lead a busy lifestyle? If you find yourself working all the time, rushing to the school run or catching up on life admin, you want the convenient option that’s going to fit your life.In that case, it doesn’t get more simple than instant coffee.

    Measure the granules

    All you need to do is measure the granules into a cup, add hot water and sip away! There: you have the caffeine boost you were looking for! If we compare instant coffee vs ground coffee, ground coffee takes a little more time to prepare.

    While you can choose your brewing method, most require you to learn the technique and brewing a cup isn’t quick. Even instant coffee machines require cleaning. So, can ground coffee be used as instant? Unfortunately not. Ground coffee requires special brewing and won’t dissolve in water the way instant varieties do.

    If you’re looking for the most efficient way to a cup of joe, the clue is in the name…. instant coffee!

    I don’t have the time (or space!) for complex coffee machines

    Is coffee equipment a mystery to you? There’s a learning curve when you make ground coffee and mastering it takes skill! There’s every chance you don’t have time to learn the skill and don’t want to throw away cups that taste bad during practice.

    There are multiple ways to brew ground beans. You could use a French Press, Aeropress, mokka pot or fancy espresso machine. Every process will yield different results and tastes. In fact, the type of coffee bean will affect which method you should use! If this all sounds like too much hassle and your kitchen is too small for extra equipment, instant coffee is for you.

    Instant coffee requires no special skill. It also doesn’t take up space in your pantry – all you need is a small spot for your jar.

    Coffee is life and flavor is everything!

    Coffee flavor is everything

    Coffee lovers know what they like and what they don’t. Call us snobs, but I prefer the term “experts”! We’ll all had bad-tasting coffee; not a nice experience! So, when it comes to the taste of instant coffee vs ground coffee, which is better?

    Well, there’s a clear winner in this category. Ground coffee is freshly brewed and so is capable to hold onto all of the necessary oils that provide the taste. It's likely to have a greater taste than instant coffees. You have more control over the outcome of ground coffee, so you can also brew it to your taste.

    Fresh coffee beans have a wider variety of flavors, so you’ll always be able to find the one you love.

    I don’t drink coffee often, so shelf life is important to me

    No one likes to throw away food, especially when it’s their favorite coffee. If your coffee beans are sitting in your pantry for a while, they can become stale and lose their flavors. It’s important that you store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.

    Storing coffee beans

    If you don’t drink coffee often, you’ll want to buy beans that maintain their freshness. So, how long does ground coffee last compared to instant? Ground coffee tends to have a shelf life of around 3-5 months. If you keep it in the freezer, this extends to about two years.

    Instant coffee, on the other hand, has an almost limitless shelf life. Even if you’ve already opened the package, you can expect it to go the distance.

    The Bottom Line

    For me, I like to switch between ground coffee and instant coffee. It’s all about how I’m feeling that day. Am I short on time, or do I want to sit down with a luxurious cup that is bursting with flavor? Your lifestyle and taste preferences will play a huge part in your favorite type of coffee beans. Why not let me know your favorite way to brew?

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